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Old to the New

In my early days of college I really wanted to model and the catwalk is what I had in my mind, but being 5ft5 I didn't meet 'their' standard requirement...but to me wherever I  am walking, can be and IS  my catwalk now... I love it...I've made it.Lol. There are a few things that have influenced my styles and one of those is the elegance and simplicity from the 1950's fashion. This is also the era when  brightly coloured clothes and accessories became fashionable, which is no surprise to me really...with my love for colours and accessories. There is something about black and white photos that I really like. To give you an idea of the 1950's fashion, here are a few pictures I like.. 
Now this dress  is something I would sooo wear!!..... just with different shoes and minus the gloves (depending on where I am going) but the dress alone, I can see it being worked in a number of ways.
I really like the scarf and hat in this photo. It's real cute...

The exaggerated h…

A New Beginning

Hi there...
Wow I actually have a blog, this is quite exciting!!!
Welcome to my page and thank you for stopping by and taking the time out to have a read.
The main reason for me having this blog is to express and share my love for fashion and style. Its all about making something your own and that's what I do..I love colours, shapes, heels, accessories, bags, different hairstyles, jackets, know what-let me just get started....

This was me at a family wedding last year, I really liked the combination of orange and blue together.This is a great look for summer wherever you are going really. Simple-Memorable and so Nash. 

This snap was taken at home, in my lovely heels which are sooo comfortable, I love them. For me, this is a cute and casual look, yet still very presentable. The colours and accessories nicely compliment the standard black and white attire.
...and there we have it.... my first blog...*Smiles*
Thanks for reading once again.