27 April 2011

Old to the New

In my early days of college I really wanted to model and the catwalk is what I had in my mind, but being 5ft5 I didn't meet 'their' standard requirement...but to me wherever I  am walking, can be and IS  my catwalk now... I love it...I've made it.Lol.

There are a few things that have influenced my styles and one of those is the elegance and simplicity from the 1950's fashion. This is also the era when  brightly coloured clothes and accessories became fashionable, which is no surprise to me really...with my love for colours and accessories. 

There is something about black and white photos that I really like. To give you an idea of the 1950's fashion, here are a few pictures I like.. 

Now this dress  is something I would sooo wear!!..... just with different shoes and minus the gloves (depending on where I am going) but the dress alone, I can see it being worked in a number of ways.

I really like the scarf and hat in this photo. It's real cute...

The exaggerated hat and simple dress... One day soon I am going to run this look.

A simple one shoulder dress, stud earrings and accessories to match and we have one nice, modern rendition of the classic 1950's look.

Hat is from H&M and was around
 £8 at the time of purchase
Got myself involved with the hat, together with a fitted jacket-1950's baby!!

Capturing the moment is something I like to do, I don't mind if I am behind the camera or in front of it really.. I even found some old photos from my 'modeling' days which I will share with you all, very soon.

Tip for you before I go:

~Fashion never dies, it simply gets recycled

Find a style you like from a certain time or from someone you admire or wherever, you don't have to copy the look exactly how it is presented to you, but take one or two items you like and make it you! 

'The question is not whether or not you will copy, you and I will both copy. The question is whom we will copy! ' ~Dr D.A Carson ~




  1. SICanWin04 May, 2011

    Hi Miss. Amber,

    Firstly I just wanted to show my support by reading the blog, though after reading I thought I have to make a comment. So here goes...

    I really liked this post and I am sure that all those who will read it will take a nugget of gold from the hidden truths.

    Keep going girl.

    SICanWin an you can too.

    P.S. The quote on your outrow is oh so fitting.


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  2. I like your choice of Photographs!! very nice post :)

  3. Hi sis, Just passing by to show some support. Keep it up and God bless U x

  4. Thank you Gentlemen for the comments. MUCH appreciated and encouraging!!