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Glorious Hair

I love my hair, I actually prefer it natural (relaxed), without weave or extensions,yet my hair grows more when it is put away and recently I found myself moving away from weaves and more into BRAIDS!!

Baaaack in the days, I used to have them all the time. Literally every term before I went back to school, my mum would do braids for me. Anyone who has afro hair and mainly from an African background will understand the braids fiasco as a child. I guess it was the easiest thing to do, wash and go style, so no worries about straightening, slicking, bonding and all the rest, every morning! Weaves were NOT going happen on my head around those ages-my Mum would not allow me to do that. I see times have moved away from that though,these days its like a fashion show everyday for school, college, some Uni students.I really hope all these girls are still learning and doing work as it would be a shame to look so nice yet have nothing more to offer past the weave, lashes and gloss...
...But back to…