25 May 2011

Glorious Hair

I love my hair, I actually prefer it natural (relaxed), without weave or extensions,yet my hair grows more when it is put away and recently I found myself moving away from weaves and more into BRAIDS!!

Baaaack in the days, I used to have them all the time. Literally every term before I went back to school, my mum would do braids for me. Anyone who has afro hair and mainly from an African background will understand the braids fiasco as a child. I guess it was the easiest thing to do, wash and go style, so no worries about straightening, slicking, bonding and all the rest, every morning! Weaves were NOT going happen on my head around those ages-my Mum would not allow me to do that. I see times have moved away from that though,these days its like a fashion show everyday for school, college, some Uni students.I really hope all these girls are still learning and doing work as it would be a shame to look so nice yet have nothing more to offer past the weave, lashes and gloss...

...But back to my point..When I got to around year 9 I had enough of braids and wanted a change, so I stopped going to Mum to do my hair and wanted to do my own thing...#Bad move! The way my hair broke, it really was a sad story but now it's all well, growing and healthy.

I left braids for years as I did think they where a bit 'fresh' at one point, but I have seen the light of this matter and embrace them today. Lol.

Growing up there was only ONE individual who wore braids that were always nice and it was a signature look for her...if you haven't already guessed it was Brandy, better known as 'Moesha'. Her braids were inspiring, but I didn't always have the confidence to pull them off like this back than......things are different now. <insert SMILE>

She pulls it off so well.

She is so beautiful.

In my last post I  mentioned the fact that you can take something you like from an individual or time and be creative with it, to make it you. I took the classic braids and made it me. I got twist braids using Xpressions and took it from there really. 

Whenever I am getting ready to go out, I would try different things with the braids, as a way to style it. Through my various twists and turns I have made it my own and I LOVE them!! I don't tend to repeat the same hair style soon after doing one but this one is going to make a quick come back after summer is done.
Double twist, half up.
Double twist, fully packed up.
Simple simple styles, its like a braids meets 1950's look -if you haven't already seen my previous blog on 1950's have a read, it will make greater sense. Old to the New.

Fully packed up with big twist at the back.
I wanted to share these particular braids with you all before I took them out and change my hair again...but going to show you a few styles I have done so far in the family of braids.

Ghana braids, middle bun. Big and small braids. 
Ghana braids, side bun using 
hair doughnut.
Purchase hair doughnut from Primark for £1

I really wanted Ghana braids for a wedding I was going to but wanted it to have some edge, so got it to the side. Really different, simple and elegant. 

For those of you that are not yet familiar with the hair doughnut, here you are.
It really gets the bun on point.

I was in Primark over the weekend and I saw the doughnut for £1. Bargain!

More hair posts still to come.
N A S H ♡‎ A M B E R

Please do leave comments, or let me know of any other posts you would like to see. 


  1. Anonymous26 May, 2011

    Beautiful. Just Beautiful. <3

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  2. Anonymous26 May, 2011

    what do you think of your natural hair? (not relaxed)

  3. Thank you for you comment Anonymous 1..:D

    Anonymous 2
    I would like to see my hair not relaxed but the process is rather long, haven't seen it like that for YEARS! but I like the natural fros.
    I have even attempted to grow out my relaxed hair, like 3 times but then occasions come up that force me to do so again. x

  4. nivca xx26 May, 2011

    The way I love this blog is so amazing. Just reading this blog has inspired me to go back to braids for a couple of months. The pictures are nice and the lady who done your hair will definitely be seeing me soon aswell. Ngai pe na koti na kati ya ba changes. I'm gonna come of weave for a lil while and jump back onto the hair style we used to do before start of new term. Keep the good blogs coming in nash very inspiring. Xxx

  5. δτεphαηιε01 June, 2011

    what your doing is great nash and your so beautiful keep up the good work and keep updating your blog :)

  6. I absolutely love the braids, however I can't be bothered to sit down for about 5 hours...and another thing is the long process of removing them. lol

    Suits you 100%. I used to do them when I was in school up-to year 11. I played around with them. I did the long thick braids, I did the Alysha keys cornrow look etc.. lol I definitely explored braids however because I had to do them for so long, it was a privilege to do weave. But now I can't stand weave lol, so i'm growing my hair naturally.

  7. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. Very encouraging.

    Nivca and Stephanie, I shall keep updating and update you too...Follow me to stay updated as soon as I make changes. (",)

    Blessing, Thank you for your comment too. It does require patience to do such styles but its worth it..they are quick to take out though. Appreciate your comment.

    x N x

  8. This hair is beautiful in fact i am actually going to do the hair today so i cant wait !

  9. This is very lovely. Quick question, the last pictures above, were they the same style of Ghana weave or different? And how were you able to put it in a bun. Thanks

    1. Hey Tolu,

      Thanks for your message, sorry I only just saw it today. The last pictures where of the same style, just as two different occasions. We used a home made doughnut, wrapped it in place and then sowed it to keep it form coming out. Hope that helps you Ms.

      N A S H A M B E R