28 June 2011

English Summer

Yeah, so here in England our summers are, erm 'different' to most countries. It's the end of June and we are still seeing rain. I heard thunder and saw lightening today....which was closely followed by tweets of how terrible the weather was..

The amount of complaints I have heard  about how much we long for a nice summer.. People are always complaining about the English weather.

So then get blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather for just 3 days... hitting around 30 degrees....which is HOT for us. I really thought after all the complaining of how cold it is over here, people would be appreciative of the sun......how WRONG was I! The whining continued over the weekend, now it was about how hot it was...seems England can't handle the heat after all...haha.. Now the sun has gone away...I miss it already :(.... I hope you are happy complainers.  -__-

Any-ways, I was personally excited to see the sun...after so long. I have been looking forward to it...and managed to take a few snaps before it all changed up again...

This maxi dress actually has an elasticated bit at the top, like most standard dresses (ladies you will know what I'm talking about ). When I tried it on with the hat the dress wasn't flowing as I wanted it to, so I decided to tuck in the bit at the top and put a belt around it to give it some shape.  

This hat was a GREAT buy...it proper gave me shade when I was in the sun, I didn't feel the heat on my head. Get involved... 

A few summer must haves for the ladies, recommended by Nash Amber:

 A good hat to protect your head. It doesn't have to be this style but something that gives you that shade.
A flowing/loose fitted maxi dress/skirt as it's not the one to wear tight things in the heat... It's just not.
A nice pair of sun glasses that suit your face, I like big & bold shades, but that's NOT for everyone, find what is you-ask a friend.

...more summer must haves to come...I am still hopeful that there is more sun to come.... I'm prepared.


Maxi dress- Next
Hat- Primark
Bag- Primark
Sandals - Risky

Photographer: Melissa W.

14 June 2011

All Me

Wanted some extra volume, so I washed my hair and let it dry NATURALLY without using a hair dryer.
This photo was taken when I was 18!!! 

I  tucked in my hair at the back with a hair slide just because I didn't want it on my neck.

After 4 LONG months of hiding my hair under weave, braids and all the rest ...
Here we have a  few collections of my own hair....no tracks, nothing! ALL me....

Side bun  using hair doughnut (its a norm now..lol) , with hair to the side.

"......I am fearfully and wonderfully made....." ~ David, son of Jesse ~

....and so are you, being natural is not a bad thing, embrace it. 


7 June 2011

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

This weekend just gone I went to a family wedding which I was tweeting about for those that follow me (@nash_amber) I was just really excited about my outfit, my hair, seeing family, taking photos and of course the beautiful weather! 

The whole wedding was so lovely. Congratulations to the lovely couple. Love you both!

FYI, at Congolese weddings, especially if you are family we tend to wear a different outfit from the church ceremony and the reception.The bride doesn't even tend to change but the close guests do... so of course I was FULLY involved.

The words I had in mind for my outfits on this occasion:
Elegant, Classic and Sophisticated   

I don't tend to go for the latest fashion trends as I don't like the fact that the 'latest' thing, quickly changes and it's not practical to remain updated with every move. So I just purchase things that I like and I think will suit me, now and also like a couple years from now. 

A look that I really like at the moment  for occasions such as weddings and balls is the Grecian look.
I really think I will still be more than happy to wear things like this, even years from now.

So elegant and simple yet when worn well, its saying a lot of things!
~Outfit Number 1~

I really love this dress, the material is lovely. I even think it makes me look taller (lol), which is not a bad thing at all. The dress is light grey, and has an embellished shoulder strap and waistline. This is the same dress I wore to the wedding I mentioned in my previous blog post Glorious Hair.

A few months ago, there was no way I would 'repeat' an outfit soon after wearing it, especially if I had taken photos in that outfit...but I have come to realise that, it doesn't actually matter. The important factor is not what people think or what they will say about me but more about how I feel about what I am wearing.... and I love this dress so it had to make a quick come back, lol. Also I wanted to show you the dress properly as I didn't get a chance to take loads of photos last time. 

~The Hair~
Yes, I love photos. hehe
This hair was done by one of my aunties who is super talented when it comes to all back styles. The design on the side was done using one pack of Xpressions (£1.99). There are ALOT of pins holding the twists in place. I sure am going to have fun taken  this out. 

Just added the flowers for the day time as it complemented the rest of the outfit.
~Outfit number 2~
I have a thing for feathers at the moment. Its real cute.
In the evening I wore this beautiful maxi dress. I don't even think the photos are doing it justice. It's soft silk material and has draped bits all around. 

When I tried out the outfit at home and knowing my hair was going to be up, I didn't feel comfortable having so much of my back out and exposed ( felt a bit naked) so I wanted to wear something that wouldn't dress down the dress, yet still give me coverage. I was even tweeting about looking for something to put over and I was soo happy when I found this capelet. :D

The word that comes to mind for me, when I look at these photos is: Royalty!
(ah, that rhymed and I didn't even mean to... :D)

Thanks for reading!

PS: I Love weddings...woooohoooo....outfits!!!!

Model: Nash Amber
Photographer: Gradi Tomene