28 June 2011

English Summer

Yeah, so here in England our summers are, erm 'different' to most countries. It's the end of June and we are still seeing rain. I heard thunder and saw lightening today....which was closely followed by tweets of how terrible the weather was..

The amount of complaints I have heard  about how much we long for a nice summer.. People are always complaining about the English weather.

So then get blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather for just 3 days... hitting around 30 degrees....which is HOT for us. I really thought after all the complaining of how cold it is over here, people would be appreciative of the sun......how WRONG was I! The whining continued over the weekend, now it was about how hot it was...seems England can't handle the heat after all...haha.. Now the sun has gone away...I miss it already :(.... I hope you are happy complainers.  -__-

Any-ways, I was personally excited to see the sun...after so long. I have been looking forward to it...and managed to take a few snaps before it all changed up again...

This maxi dress actually has an elasticated bit at the top, like most standard dresses (ladies you will know what I'm talking about ). When I tried it on with the hat the dress wasn't flowing as I wanted it to, so I decided to tuck in the bit at the top and put a belt around it to give it some shape.  

This hat was a GREAT buy...it proper gave me shade when I was in the sun, I didn't feel the heat on my head. Get involved... 

A few summer must haves for the ladies, recommended by Nash Amber:

 A good hat to protect your head. It doesn't have to be this style but something that gives you that shade.
A flowing/loose fitted maxi dress/skirt as it's not the one to wear tight things in the heat... It's just not.
A nice pair of sun glasses that suit your face, I like big & bold shades, but that's NOT for everyone, find what is you-ask a friend.

...more summer must haves to come...I am still hopeful that there is more sun to come.... I'm prepared.


Maxi dress- Next
Hat- Primark
Bag- Primark
Sandals - Risky

Photographer: Melissa W.

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