20 July 2011

I miss you sun...Shine again in London!

This is the first time I am actually blogging this month…it really has been a while. I was waiting for the sun to come out again to I can get my summer outfits out...snap it then blog it... but yeah.. that kinda sorta hasn't happened. I don’t have any new photos of this summer, especially as I have not planned to go away, I don’t know if I will get a chance to get to wear my  lovely dresses etc. hmmmmm

Any who, I found myself going through some of my photos on my laptop and saw my Spain photos. Last year I went away with some close friends aka my family. We had soo much fun!!! Going to share some photos with you, and go through some of my outfits from last year.

Look at this beautiful view... this is where I want to be!!!!
I have said many times before but let me remind you… I love to capture the moment...just saying... hehe

In both photos, H2T (head to toe) Primark, would you believe!!! Good old Primark... great for cute summer dresses and accessories. These dresses are seee through, my days!!! However I wear another thin dress underneath them to act as a slip and its cool! *Wisdom*

While we was out there it was one of my girls birthday…so we went out to celebrate!
Modesty in heat...who said its not possible?! cha...
 I really love these Ladies, they are more than just friends to me but more my sisters. They are all so beautiful, simple and real! Each of us have our own personal styles but we embrace each others uniqueness. I love the fact that even in the HOT HOT weather, we’re still able to dress appropriately. 

♡‎ Tips for the ladies before I go 

♡‎  Less is more!
Your chest, bum, thighs and all that does NOT need to be on show for you to be beautiful, because you already are. People will respect you for realising this. Its bout knowing your worth. 

♡‎ Blind spotters aka ‘Irons’
No one is perfect and there are times when you can leave your house feeling justified in something, when really it is not mirroring the beauty you are. Me and my girls, look out for each other. If one of us was ever to wear something that wasn’t appropriate, lets say its too tight, showed too much of something , maybe your top rides up etc…we have each others back and will point out the blind area they may not have seen. Sometimes you can’t see the error but others around you can, so it is important to have girls that will watch out for you in case you’re ever not decent.

♡‎ Enjoy being YOU!!
If you spend your time and efforts trying to be like someone else, you will loose you. NO ONE else in the WHOLE world can EVER be you, they can try but nothing beats the original! So embrace you and love you. 

But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.
Thomas Jefferson -