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I miss you sun...Shine again in London!

This is the first time I am actually blogging this month…it really has been a while. I was waiting for the sun to come out again to I can get my summer outfits out...snap it then blog it... but yeah.. that kinda sorta hasn't happened. I don’t have any new photos of this summer, especially as I have not planned to go away, I don’t know if I will get a chance to get to wear my  lovely dresses etc. hmmmmm
Any who, I found myself going through some of my photos on my laptop and saw my Spain photos. Last year I went away with some close friends aka my family. We had soo much fun!!! Going to share some photos with you, and go through some of my outfits from last year.
I have said many times before but let me remind you… I love to capture the moment...just saying... hehe

In both photos, H2T (head to toe) Primark, would you believe!!! Good old Primark... great for cute summer dresses and accessories. These dresses are seee through, my days!!! However I wear another thin dress underneath …