23 August 2011

Officially Amber

I had such a lovely weekend. I went to the London zoo with family and then yesterday my older sister gave birth to her first child! Really exciting news- I'm an Aunty again- my second nephew. He is so cute. 

I have been taking snaps over the last couple days but didn't have time to upload them, so here is a collection of what I wore over the weekend. Casual days, chilling with family and friends. 
Loving my new hair, small kinky twists! whoop!

Saturday- London Zoo

At the Zoo, with the penguins 

A for Amber!!!!

I am so happy I have my kinky twists back, I really love them.

*Pumps from Primark
* Hareem Pants- Gift
*Denim Jacket - Gift
* Shirt dress-UniQlo
* Black bag- Primark

My casual yet cool weekend look.

22 August 2011

Movie's with my Sister

I was given some vouchers for a free curry and movie today. So I went with my sister to see a movie called 'A better life'. I really enjoyed it, I even shed a few tears. It was a really nice movie, I recommend it.

I used to have trouble dressing down, and being casual because all my clothes were for when I was going out, but I made an effort to get a few bits and bobs for my casual days. Primz has served me well.

Loving my new watch, gift from my second Mum, love you Ma xx

I really like white nail paint. Its bright and different.

Sandals- from France || Chinos ,Cardi, Belt, Bag, Earrings- Primark!

Primark is really the one for standard everyday essentials.

11 August 2011

Featuring Nash Amber

Hey Hey,

I was recently interviewed by the young womens group 'LV31'. If you would like to have a read of the interview please click the link. 

I am really chuffed that they approached me and I hope that you enjoy the read. 

I want the Kinky twists back...

2 August 2011

Congrats Grads

Recently ALOT of my friends have graduated and I have really enjoyed looking at all their photos. Some have made that cap and gown look soo nice and desirable... Obviously if you are studying for a degree and you work well you shall also be wearing that one day... I am still on my journey and hope to be in my own gown one day.

I want to just commend all those that have graduated as it is not an easy job and does require diligence and drive, so well done to you. I hope you use that degree now and continue down this path of success! 

I asked a few of my friends to give tips or general share what to do for working towards the degree. Woohooo!!!

Grads with Edge!!!
My friend Shab, I have known her since I was about 10!! So Beautiful
Exceptional young man! My little-big brother!

If I had to give one solid advice for graduating, it would be PREPARATION. Be as prepared and as organised as possible, collect past papers and even revision notes, that way even if you don't understand the concept you can still find the answer and vice versa. Try your best to put aside 1 hour a day, just to make short and basic notes so you get it in your head, it is better making notes everyday in the library for an hour, rather than waiting until exam period and then fighting for a space in the library for you to study 12 hours a day (as I did so often).

Also, be realistic, count your scores and estimate your final grade, that way if you're below what you want, you will work harder, but if you're on the level that you want, still work harder so you can achieve more. It is better to be on a 2:1 and work towards a 1st, than to stay on a 2:1 just because it is a good grade. A 2:2 is an average grade for students, especially those on difficult courses, but aim to be above the norm, above the average, above the percentage.

Mr GT.

Beauty and Brains...Love this girl!

It’s such a great feeling to know that I have ‘RUN THE RACE and SET THE PACE’ - Hebrews 12:1-3, but remember… ‘The race is NOT for the swift but for those who ENDURE to the end’. Believe me – it may seem hard - Sleepless nights, minus figures in the bank account and those PEAK times. Above all, it’s comforting to know Daddy promised to NEVER leave us or forsake us. He will NOT give us more than we can bear. So...Trust Him, Seek Him and Live according to His PERFECT WILL. Study hard and put ChristFIRST. You WILL make it. You WILL succeed. <3
Calesia Bailey

This Young Entrepreneur - Future is so bright! Follow him on Twitter!

University goes too quick, manage your time effectively. separate the time wasting activity from those that are productive. Do not invest your doing things that wont bring you closer to your goal. University is only hard it you make it. Junior Ogunyemi

Please excuse the quality....Defo Grad with Edge! My girl Tasha x