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Beautiful Winter

It's November and it's hardly cold. This is amazing different.  Normally, I like to have my hair put away for the winter season, its easier to manage and also prevents any sort of unnecessary breakages. I have been blessed with good healthy hair (I inherited this from my Mother) so my hair doesn't break, yet I believe
Prevention is better than cure! 
It has been some time since I last had weave but I decided to put my hair away, so I did a middle parting style on my own head. I started doing my own hair when I was around 17, after some disappointing hair experiences. Now, I do have individuals I trust to do my hair, but from time to time I D.I.M (do it myself). 

Blessed on the journey

A very good friend of mine, had her engagement service/celebration recently. This was my first time ever attending a service for an engagement, I wasn't sure what to expect,  but it was absolutely lovely!  Friends and family came out to support them both on their journey towards marriage. Words of encouragement from older couples, happily married for over 20 years, speaking from experience and with wisdom. It was a great day! 

This dress is actually a floor length maxi dress, which is very narrow at the bottom and restricts me from walking normally. I decided to gather it up on one side so that I could walk around freely & also it allowed the shoes to be seen.

Bag is from my Mummy, from her early days in the UK. Shoes were given to me as a birthday gift for my 20th birthday- What a lovely gift! Nude brown nail polish from Barry M.
Nothing new was bought for this outfit, which I am VERY pleased about! Everything was mixed & matched from what I already have in my wardrobe; my cre…

Winter in Style

Recently I have discovered how much I really like Navy blue and Brown. Navy has become my new black. It seems to go with most things I have in my wardrobe. Really chuffed about that!

Wedding of the Year!

Went to a wedding on Saturday! For me it was the best wedding I have ever been to! Loved the simplicity and intimacy of the whole day!  Congratulations to the beautiful couple! 

Daddies Lil Girl

On the 25th October 1989a gorgeous baby girl was delivered into the world by a beautiful young lady. Born on purpose and with a purpose, here I am 22 years young! Whoop!! I have really been looking forward to being 22! 2 happens to be my favourite number- random fact. 
For my birthday this year, I spent the day with a few of my girls and spent time with friends/family. With the girls, we went to have the Dr Fish experience - fish that eat the dead skin on feet! First time I did this it was a bit daunting but soon after it is a pleasant experience. 
Me and my lovely girls

I love birthdays, especially my own. NOTHING beats the feeling of knowing that you are LOVED! I know that I am still here today because God loves me and specifically chose me and carefully designed every last detail about me. He sure did take His time with me! If He didn't, I wouldn't be able to even be here to blog this blog so Thank you Lord- I love You!

Westfield; Stratford

As much as I enjoy fashion and styling, I am not a fan of busy shopping centres. I have only ever been to Westfield in West London, once and that was merely to accompany a friend to drop something off. Since then I have never stepped foot in there again! Way to busy for my liking. 
I wasn't at all moved with excitement when the Stratford Westfield opened. I didn't plan to go there for a very long time, until one of my girls wanted to go out for a meal in a restaurant in there, for her of course, me being Nash Amber, I still had to capture the moment! This may be my first and last time in a long time!hehe x

Shoot; Snip it

Over the summer, I had a really great photo shoot, alongside another Stylist, who is so talented and gifted. It was a pleasure to work alongside her. I will soon release the photo's from the shoot, but here is a snip it of what to expect, including some 'behind the scenes' shots.