27 November 2011

Blessed on the journey

A very good friend of mine, had her engagement service/celebration recently. This was my first time ever attending a service for an engagement, I wasn't sure what to expect,  but it was absolutely lovely!  Friends and family came out to support them both on their journey towards marriage. Words of encouragement from older couples, happily married for over 20 years, speaking from experience and with wisdom. It was a great day! 

This dress is actually a floor length maxi dress, which is very narrow at the bottom and restricts me from walking normally. I decided to gather it up on one side so that I could walk around freely & also it allowed the shoes to be seen.

Bag is from my Mummy, from her early days in the UK.
Shoes were given to me as a birthday gift for my 20th birthday- What a lovely gift!
Nude brown nail polish from Barry M.

Nothing new was bought for this outfit, which I am VERY pleased about! Everything was mixed & matched from what I already have in my wardrobe; my creative tools. 

I have set myself a small  personal challenge, of not purchasing anything new unless I NEED to or to treat myself IF I accomplish goals I am going to set myself. I am so privileged to have so many clothes as it is, and I really want to appreciate them ALL. 

I figured that I can work with what I have, get creative and see what happens. This is going to be interesting & slightly different to what I have been used to, but it shall be good for me. 

I will try blog the inspirations that come to me.

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