8 November 2011

Daddies Lil Girl

On the 25th October 1989 a gorgeous baby girl was delivered into the world by a beautiful young lady. Born on purpose and with a purpose, here I am 22 years young! Whoop!! I have really been looking forward to being 22! 2 happens to be my favourite number- random fact. 

For my birthday this year, I spent the day with a few of my girls and spent time with friends/family. With the girls, we went to have the Dr Fish experience - fish that eat the dead skin on feet! First time I did this it was a bit daunting but soon after it is a pleasant experience. 

Me and my lovely girls

Couture Birthday Sash, designed by Adelady & Robs.  xx 

Totally love These Shoes!! My Favourite colour!

I love birthdays, especially my own. NOTHING beats the feeling of knowing that you are LOVED! I know that I am still here today because God loves me and specifically chose me and carefully designed every last detail about me. He sure did take His time with me! If He didn't, I wouldn't be able to even be here to blog this blog so Thank you Lord- I love You!


  1. Awwwww Happy Birthday lol :D

  2. Thank you Victorious!!!