31 December 2011

Amber's 2011 Highlights

Thank you to all those that have been following me/my blog this year. I really enjoy sharing so its nice to know that there are others enjoying this journey with me. :D

365 days later and here I am. Stronger, wiser and more in love with JESUS. 2011 has been such a challenging year for me. I have done a lot of growing up and learnt a great deal about myself. So much has happened, including me joining twitter and starting this blog!!

I have been tweeting all morning about my 2011 lessons, as I have been reflecting. If you wish to read some of them, just go to my page @nash_amber << Click it. (",)

The biggest lessons I have learnt in 2011 are to do with Expectations, Forgiveness & Surrendering/Trust.

  • Lifting OFF expectations from people & focusing on their good qualities, helped me to see them through God's eyes & truly appreciate them! It also resulted in me being more & more content with my life. Truly able to APPRECIATE the things I did take for granted.

  • Drifting a part is the natural result of an unforgiving spirit; forgiveness reverses the trend by restoring and healing broken relationships. Forgiveness releases the individual(s) to God, releasing them from your judgement and allowing God to deal with them in His mercy.

  • Trust & surrendering go hand in hand.You canNOT surrender all to God, unless you trust Him.  Meditating on His word increased my trust in Him.

I have had so many highlights that I could share but I have just a few for today. I will probably tweet the rest or tell you personally. 

1) Flying to Poitiers - France

In May 2011, I went to France to surprise a very good friend of mine. He went away to study for the year and so for his birthday me and his sister went to see him. Defiant highlight! 

This is the remains of the building where Christians were martyred many many years ago... 
2) iStyle: Birthday Girl

In November, a friend of mine asked me to style her for her birthday. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to do something I love, for her. We went out for the day in Kingston and after going from shop to shop we finally found the winning dress, put together with shoes and accessories we had spotted earlier that day.

Me with the lovely Birthday Girl. Simmy x 

3) Spending Time with my family! 

This year we had a new edition to the family; my sister & her husband's first son; Aidan. He is such a handsome child. 

Not all members of my family present in this collection. 

All in all I am ending 2011 smiling and knowing that 2012 does hold greater things. Thank you all that have played a part in my 2011, however great or small, no matter the outcome. Thank you! <3 

One important thing I would like to leave with you...

Learn to forgive & let go! Let today be the start of the rest of your life. Accept living in God's peace. End 2011 as you mean to go on! Start the New Year right- '...forgive whatever grievance you may have against one another...' Colossians 3:13

Love to all! <3

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