22 December 2011


A few guys have requested I do some posts that they can relate to, and with great pleasure here is my first post for you gentlemen.

I, Nash Amber have a HUGE like towards male clothing. I do not know why, but I get very happy and smiley when I see guys that are dressed so well. I totally aim to understand the ins and outs of the male side of fashion & style. For the time being, I just wanted to share a few things, that have already caught my eye in regards to clothing for men. 

Very soon I am to work alongside some gentlemen and style them, this will be one of my dreams accomplished...WhoOop!! I have a few brothers I have already targeted in my mind as ones I would like to work with...just need to connect with them.. :D


  • Blazers are a good investment. They can be worn casually or formally and give such an established look to any outfit and any male I think. I am yet to see someone that doesn't compliment a nice blazer.

  • Slim fits are a nice look for some guys but not all. Depending on your body shape and the cut of the blazer itself. But in general slim fits are the way forward. 

Smart Casual look with Blazer


This is not a new trend but it does give a great finish to any formal look just because of the texture. I  first saw  my older brother wearing one of these and it looked GREAT on him.  I think they look better on men then women. I haven't seen any ladies do justice to them the way men do (yet). If you like blazers, take a snap, email to me nash.amber11@gmail.com so I can see too and if you get a chance try a velvet one.
 I think they are great! :D 

THIS!! Right here, is it!!!!! :D :D :D!!! LOVE this!!!!!!

I like the bold colours too, as it really does make a statement.
From head to toe...on point! I really like the bow tie look. Looks very sophisticated. 

This particular look I would say, best compliments :
Slim, Petite, Slightly Built or Tall guys in particular, from what I have seen.

A few stores I would recommend you to have a look at, where I have seen the Velvet Blazers: 

More posts for Men still to come...


  1. blazer sure do complement and accommodate all occasion. some of the blazers displayed appear to be expensive. what is the lowest priced slimfit blazer you have come across Misses Amber.

  2. Indeedy, from a very brief online search cheapest (Velvet Slimfit) I have found today is £49.90.
    With January Sales round the corner, could be even cheaper. Slimfit blazers can generally be found any where these days even for as little as £25. Online shopping = Bargain Shopping