29 December 2011

Presenting my Sweet Mother

I have been meaning to do a blog post about my sweet mother. Obviously, she has been and still is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to fashion, styling and being a Woman. I have taken a lot from her and the older I get the more I see it. (Especially her hair)

She is such a beautiful lady caring and so hard working!! She has the most AMAZING hair ever! 

On the 24th December, my Mum went to a church party and so I decided to capture her outfit. It was rather difficult getting her to just stop moving.. Lol. But I got there in the end. 

I have this old photograph of her on my desk, I really love it so wanted to share it with you. :D 
This was just a year or so after she had me. Whoop! Whoop!

The Outfit

You know them heels, that you may just need to borrow one day.. yeah it's a lot like that! I can see the vision already.

No weave, no tracks, just her own hair as it is.
I pray the Lord favours me in the same manner... It's already in the genes!

My Mum thinks this is what the youth of 2011 do.. L.O.L! I laugh every time I see this photo.


  1. Wow Nash!!!Your mum looks aaammmaaaazzziiinnngg!!!!
    I love those trousers!!!!

  2. Thank you Lola. She really does!! x x