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Brighter Days

I had an awesome day yesterday, spending time with my family. I love my family! So many young children (my nieces, nephew & younger siblings) and so it was a day full of fun and games. By the end of the evening 'Auntie Nash' was well and truly exhausted! However I managed to take a few pictures of my OOTD (Outfit of the day).
I got my braids back! I'm SoOoOo HAPPY! My gifted cousin did them for me and they are wonderful. They do not hurt at all and I only got them done a couple of days ago. If anyone wishes to have their hair done by a talented and well qualified individual.
Message me and I shall connect you to her.
This season - Spring/Summer 2012 (SS12) colour blocking is back! I am pleased as I sure do love colours! They really do make such a difference to ones wardrobe and outfit! If all you have in your wardrobe is black, PLEASE, this year invest in an item of colour, even if it is just one bangle or a 

The Creator made colours. Colours are BEAUTIFUL! J…

Preppy Me

I have had this blazer since I was 15 years old, that's 7 whole years! I have only worn it a few times, I love it. This was my first blazer ever, I'm really pleased that I still have it.
The other day I really wanted to wear this pleated skirt of mine, with my loafers, so I based my whole outfit on these two items. I like the Preppy look and as I had a few meetings to attend on the day, I was able to be stylish yet maintain the corporate look. This is the way forward!  

2012 is a GREAT year- many New Beginnings indeed. 
I really do believe this to be true, however I think that it is paramount that you discipline yourself to work at any goals you have set for this year. They will not happen all by themselves. 
In everything, in order to master something you must learn the principles and when to apply them. 

Remember: 'Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Presentation' - PathwayYP

Sister's Day Out

On Friday me and one of my older sisters, went out to Ealing for the day. I haven't been to Ealing in such a long time so it was nice to be back there, it's a nice little area.
My sister has a few events coming up this year so she asked me to help her find something nice to wear. Her and her husband recently had their first baby (he is so cute!)..since becoming a mother she is so busy with little man that she doesn't get much time to herself. I love helping her out and spending time with my nephew. On this occasion little man didn't accompany us, as it was just for the sisters. hehe.
~My Outfit for the Day~

...So we went shopping for dresses and ended up in the baby section...

~J'adore Heels~
We popped into TK Maxx and I found these beautiful heels. The moment I spotted these beauties, I was eager to let my feet experience them. I had the biggest smile on my face! Lol. I love how the body of the shoe is a deep purple-in suede and  how well it is complemented by the bro…

Welcome 2012

Howdy! This is my first post for 2012. I have been so busy with Uni exams and projects that I haven't had a chance to upload some of the things I have been capturing. But finally I have found some time to blog! :D
Last weekend my lovely friend Tash and her fiancĂ©e Jason, held their bridal-fancy-dress get together. They invited all the people involved as part of the team, for their special day, over to eat, play games and mingle. It was a very fun evening with so much FOOD! I thoroughly enjoyed. (I like mi some food!)
So!.... There was one main condition on the outfits/costumes we all came in. We had to dress up in something beginning with a T or, I decided to come dressed as a 'Traditional Aunty/African/Congolese Woman'...however you really wish to look at it, but I went as a Traditional something African  It worked for me and it worked for them, so smiles all round. 

Thanks for reading! More posts still to come.
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