28 January 2012

Brighter Days

I had an awesome day yesterday, spending time with my family. I love my family! So many young children (my nieces, nephew & younger siblings) and so it was a day full of fun and games. By the end of the evening 'Auntie Nash' was well and truly exhausted! However I managed to take a few pictures of my OOTD (Outfit of the day).

I got my braids back! I'm SoOoOo HAPPY! My gifted cousin did them for me and they are wonderful. They do not hurt at all and I only got them done a couple of days ago. If anyone wishes to have their hair done by a talented and well qualified individual.
Message me and I shall connect you to her.

This season - Spring/Summer 2012 (SS12) colour blocking is back! I am pleased as I sure do love colours! They really do make such a difference to ones wardrobe and outfit! If all you have in your wardrobe is black, PLEASE, this year invest in an item of colour, even if it is just one bangle or a scarf...lol. 

The Creator made colours. Colours are BEAUTIFUL! 

Just look at the beauty of flowers and creation as a whole. 
What a wonderful sight!
x x

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