28 January 2012

Preppy Me

I have had this blazer since I was 15 years old, that's 7 whole years! I have only worn it a few times, I love it. This was my first blazer ever, I'm really pleased that I still have it.

The other day I really wanted to wear this pleated skirt of mine, with my loafers, so I based my whole outfit on these two items. I like the Preppy look and as I had a few meetings to attend on the day, I was able to be stylish yet maintain the corporate look. This is the way forward!  

My Twists are back! Oh, Yes! 

I have EVERY reason to smile...I am ALIVE.

2012 is a GREAT year- many New Beginnings indeed. 

I really do believe this to be true, however I think that it is paramount that you discipline yourself to work at any goals you have set for this year. They will not happen all by themselves. 

In everything, in order to master something you must learn the principles and when to apply them. 

Remember: 'Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Presentation' - PathwayYP