22 January 2012

Sister's Day Out

On Friday me and one of my older sisters, went out to Ealing for the day. I haven't been to Ealing in such a long time so it was nice to be back there, it's a nice little area.

My sister has a few events coming up this year so she asked me to help her find something nice to wear. Her and her husband recently had their first baby (he is so cute!)..since becoming a mother she is so busy with little man that she doesn't get much time to herself. I love helping her out and spending time with my nephew. On this occasion little man didn't accompany us, as it was just for the sisters. hehe.

~My Outfit for the Day~

Coat- Oasis
Shirt- Topshop


...So we went shopping for dresses and ended up in the baby section...

I guess this is what happens when you become a Mother..baby on the brain....

Me and my Sister.. <3 Do we look alike?
~J'adore Heels~

We popped into TK Maxx and I found these beautiful heels. The moment I spotted these beauties, I was eager to let my feet experience them. I had the biggest smile on my face! Lol. I love how the body of the shoe is a deep purple-in suede and  how well it is complemented by the brown sole/heel. I didn't purchase them, as I didn't make any plans to buy shoes that day, but I HAD to snap them and share them with you.  

Jessica Simpson Heels from TK Maxx....on Sale for £20...Bargain!


I don't personally like these shoes, but took this picture to show you all, just how high JS shoes are.
Those that can handle HIGH heels maybe you could get involved with a pair of JS heels one day. 

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