22 January 2012

Welcome 2012

Howdy! This is my first post for 2012. I have been so busy with Uni exams and projects that I haven't had a chance to upload some of the things I have been capturing. But finally I have found some time to blog! :D

Last weekend my lovely friend Tash and her fiancĂ©e Jason, held their bridal-fancy-dress get together. They invited all the people involved as part of the team, for their special day, over to eat, play games and mingle. It was a very fun evening with so much FOOD! I thoroughly enjoyed. (I like mi some food!)

So!.... There was one main condition on the outfits/costumes we all came in. We had to dress up in something beginning with a T or J...so, I decided to come dressed as a 'Traditional Aunty/African/Congolese Woman'...however you really wish to look at it, but I went as a Traditional something African related..lol. 
It worked for me and it worked for them, so smiles all round. 

The HeadTie
The Accessories
The Skirt & Print

Thanks for reading! More posts still to come.

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