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Weekend of Investment

I just had a great weekend, spending time with my family and friends. On Saturday I went to Week 2 of the bootcamp I was speaking at last week. The focus was on business and we had the priviledge of being educated by Bertia Anderson & Junior Ogunyemi. It was such a great session; I met some lovely individuals and also saw some old friends that I haven't seen in YEARS! It is so important to invest in yourself. Whatever you expose yourself too, will either make you or break you! 
Love yourself enough to invest in yourself by reading books, going to seminars, having mentors that are at the level you wish to be at & connecting with like minded individuals that will CHALLENGE you. Don't stay in the shallow end & entertain excuses...get the skills you need in order to swim deep and wide. 
For my outfit on Saturday, I decided to wear different shades of purple. I have never done this before, but I really like it, and hope to do it with a few more different colours this s…

iStyle: Look Beyond The Surface

Yesterday I was speaking out at the Young Ladies Club Bootcamp(< Click for more info!). YLC are holding 5 classes on 5 Saturdays for 5 weeks, looking at Self esteem, Finances, Motivation, Health & Relationships. Ladies, invest in yourselves & GET INVOLVED! My session was all about Confidence & Style,while tackling the issues with self esteem. 
It was a really great day, the session was really intimate and interactive. It was a pleasure to speak to the ladies about the ins & outs of adopting your own personal style and how one can be confident with themselves. In order to visually show that no matter your body size, you can still look BEAUTIFULLY FABULOUS whilst maintaining modesty, I had 4 beautiful models that I styled for the day. 

To quickly sum up what I covered: Confidence does not come by what you wear, but it comes as a result of knowing who you are and Who's you are! The main 3 points I elaborated on were:
1) Self worth/value
2) Renewin…

Paris; Le Dernier Jour

Day 5/5! I really enjoyed my time in Paris, and hope to go back there perhaps towards the end of this year, we shall see. 

Have a great weekend! Tomorrow I shall be speaking out at Young Ladies Club BOOTCAMP 2012.  <<Click it>> Check it out & Get involved Ladies. 

'If you look for flaws, you will find them. If you look for beauty, you will see it.' - SKC

Paris; Le Quatrième Jour

On the 4th day of Paris, I went to visit my older sister who lives just over an hour outside of Paris.  It was nice to catch up with her as it's been a while. Being mindful of the weather and just how cold it was, I made sure I was warm.
Throughout the day I spotted a few things in the shops just by Marina's house. I was really excited when I saw all the designs, colours, shoes, shapes and more..The things I was spotting for men, were just wonderful! I definitely want to explore some stores here in London, to see what's going in my home town. Very soon I will!