19 February 2012

iStyle: Look Beyond The Surface

Yesterday I was speaking out at the Young Ladies Club Bootcamp (< Click for more info!). YLC are holding 5 classes on 5 Saturdays for 5 weeks, looking at Self esteem, Finances, Motivation, Health & Relationships. Ladies, invest in yourselves & GET INVOLVED! My session was all about Confidence & Style,while tackling the issues with self esteem. 

It was a really great day, the session was really intimate and interactive. It was a pleasure to speak to the ladies about the ins & outs of adopting your own personal style and how one can be confident with themselves. In order to visually show that no matter your body size, you can still look BEAUTIFULLY FABULOUS whilst maintaining modesty, I had 4 beautiful models that I styled for the day


To quickly sum up what I covered: Confidence does not come by what you wear, but it comes as a result of knowing who you are and Who's you are! The main 3 points I elaborated on were:
1) Self worth/value
2) Renewing your thinking about yourself 
3) Check Motives

Your personal Style doesn't have to be colourful, to be bold. It just has to be YOU, because style is about celebrating YOU!


Outfit was based upon this tail coat blazer  which I purchased from a small vintage boutique in my area for £19
Skirt: Jane Norman | Heels: Next | Bag: Ted Baker | Shirt: H&M |Scarf: Primark | Flower: George (Asda)
Twist using expressions styled in a 1950's updo. 

PresentingNashAmber's Stall

Amazing A's helping me at my stall
We are all styled for the occasion of 'Dinner Date With The Girls', yet celebrating our individual uniqueness.

PresentingNashAmber's Models for the day- The Royal Ladies

Live & (be) BOLD | RAW | We Are Royalty 

iStyle - AJ 

BodyType: Pencil 
Wonderfully dynamic. Thin but not skinny.  
Tend to have straight waist with narrow shoulders and hips.

Confidence ID:  'God is my Father & I'm His princess!' ~ AJ

AJ is a beautiful African girl, both inside & out! She has natural edge and elegance, which she embraces & it shines right through in her character. When styling her I choose to focus on her natural flare and gave her an African meets Westernise look. 

I teamed up her African corset with her pencil skirt to give it the appearance of being a one piece. As AJ is a slim girl (much like myself) I also decided to put her in a loosely fitted mustard blazer as this would give her a slightly fuller look. I complemented her outfit by teaming it with her bold red bag which made her simple black & white attire pop! 

Heels: Aldo | Bag: Primark | Material ~ £6 | Blazer: Eastham | Earrings: Eastham
African Top: Designed by her friend | African Pencil Skirt: Designed by her friend 

iStyle - Miche

BodyType: Womanly
Ultra feminine; fullness through the core, arms and legs.

Confidence ID: 'God is my EVERYTHING! I am a daughter, friend &servant to Him'.~ Miche

Miche is an absolutely beautiful individual. Being a Stylist herself she has a fantastic wardrobe, so it was a great pleasure to be able style her. I choose to have Miche in the black leather skirt with the tights as I wanted her to look specifically feminine. 

I teamed it up with the black wedges as they tend to be much more comfortable and sturdy than normal heels. I decided to add the fur attachment unto the blazer to give it a modern twist but the outfit looks just as nice without it. Black looks great on some people and Miche is definitely one of them! Adding the purple blazer adds the right dash of colour needed, with simple gold accessories. 

Fish tale Plait done by me. #Experimenting...

Blazer: New Look | Fur: H&M | Shirt: Roman Rd | Wedges: New look
Bag: Zara | Skirt: Primark | Chain: Forever 21 | Weave: Remy

iStyle - Ebuni

BodyType: Athletic
Fantastically fit! Tend to have broad shoulders, muscular legs, arms, and a lovely flat stomach.

Confidence ID:  Daughter of the King!

Ebuni is a cool, calm and motivated individual, that is always on the go. Comfortability is one of the most important aspects that would influence her outfit. Her simplicity is admirable alongside her naturally great skin & features.  

I don't believe that one has to wear heels in order to have a great look. I decided to put Ebuni in the flat loafers for this very fact. Together with the black chinos & basic white top, a very simple outfit was quickly jazzed up with a large, oversized bag, earthy coloured accessories and a stylish black coat. 


Chinos: Primark | Shoes: Primark | Bag: Primark |
Accessories: Claires's | White basic: Primark | Coat: Oasis

iStyle - AdeLady

BodyType: Short
Perfectly Petite, made with care. 

Confidence ID: 'God is my My Daddy & my All in All. I am His daughter, His babygirl & His love, even when it doesn't 'feel' like it. Regardless of me, He is and will always be.' ~ Adelady 

AdeLady is simply that; A LADY! Her beautiful character is displayed in the way she carries her self. A warm & friendly individual that serves with such excellence! Her lifestyle screams worth more than rubies. 

Taking into account how Adelady is, I decided to put her in a simple all black attire. I then gave her the peach blazer, to soften the look, & to eliminate her looking slimmer than usual, (as black is slimming). It would have been possible to stop the outfit there, however by adding the chunky gold necklace and scarf, this outfit gains some extra edge, which compliments her natural bang. The embellished beige heels & large bag, work great as an additional colour to block with.  

Green Raw Tahi Silk Scarf: Market place in Belguim | Necklace: Primark 

Blazer: TopShop | Black Long sleeve basic: Primark | Slim Harem: Forever 21
Heels: Nine West | Suede bracelet: Debenham's Concession | Bag: Ted Baker
Fearfully & Wonderfully made

Modesty is the best policy! #TeamDiscretion
Miche fixing my shirt for me. She is such a helpful girl!  
Thank you Ladies!
Next time I may do this type of post as a Vblog ....but we shall see...would you like that?
(comment below to let me know. Thank you. )



  1. You look AMAZING!! It looks like you had a great time.

  2. Thank you Sia! It was a great day!