16 February 2012

Paris; Le Quatrième Jour

On the 4th day of Paris, I went to visit my older sister who lives just over an hour outside of Paris.  It was nice to catch up with her as it's been a while. Being mindful of the weather and just how cold it was, I made sure I was warm.

Throughout the day I spotted a few things in the shops just by Marina's house. I was really excited when I saw all the designs, colours, shoes, shapes and more..The things I was spotting for men, were just wonderful! I definitely want to explore some stores here in London, to see what's going in my home town. Very soon I will!


J'adore Simplicity 

Tout va bien - All is well

Really like this...
My Favourite look from the collection!
The brown blazer really complements the baby blue.
An advert I saw in the underground. I like it.
Other side of Franklin station, not as glam and creative as the other station I mentioned on Day 1. 
I used to imagine a double decker train, had no idea it actually existed, until now. It's super cool.
Inside the double decker train
Nice and colourful interior on another train. I like. 
My beautiful little niece. I've missed her, she has grown so much!
Good old Jimmy eh! Me & Marina really didn't appreciate that advert on the left:
 1) Why fight? 2) Why fight over a bag?!... just buy your own one....SMH, tut tut!
I saw them from afar , they caught my eye QUICK!... Marina asked me,
if I would ever wear heels so high...errm Yeah! lol
Jimmy Choo 2012

Pretty Bridal Store - thought of my Adelady straight away, when I saw this!

Envision - Plan -Take action!
If your mind can conceive it, then you can achieve it. 

'Actions speak louder than words.' 



  1. I like your shoes. OMG!! I want to visit that bridal shop everything looks so pretty. XOXO