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Tweed Blazer

I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I have been busy, with work, Uni work and all that fun stuff. I really like Tweed blazers so I wanted to blog about it! I think they look great on guys or female. I personally like the ones that have the Victorian/Vintage look to them and I also like Granddad hats that are made in the same material. 
Lately I have been reflecting a lot on how far I have come in my life and just how messed up I really was before Christ. A huge part of walking with God is to do with our character’s being built to be like Him and us as individuals growing to be the great & perfect individuals He originally made. 
As I think back to some of the things I used to like, how I used to speak, the lack of direction I had in my life, the lack of fear of God I had and generally having to deal with identity issues, I’m amazed at just how much that is NOT the case today! God has done a lot of work with me and so far so GREAT! He is AMAZING! 
If we want to be whole and buil…

Filipino Wedding

This year I have the privilege of attending more than 3 weddings. The weekend just gone, I went to a Filipino wedding with Adelady. The wedding was absolutely wonderful. Everything was well run and organised. Things happened on time and the food was amazing! I was so impressed by the service we received as guests and we were even more surprised to hear that everything, from the food, cake to the decorations were done by friends and family of the bride and groom! How amazing, to have people that are willing to really put themselves out there as well as really serve others in such a way. I was so blessed by the whole day. Congratulations to the lovely new MARRIED couple. I hope that they have a very fruitful marriage. 
This was my first time ever attending a Filipino wedding and so I really did not know what to expect, but one thing I learnt for sure is that they make sure their guests eat well! As soon as the church service was finished, snacks were served, then on arrival to the rece…

March on forward

Welcome to March readers. Wow, already we're in March, this year is moving along very nicely. I always find that when I plan things to do, dates seem to move quick. I guess it's because living on purpose and with a purpose for Him gives life real meaning & it causes me to actually achieve more. As a result I don't find myself just counting down the days aimlessly! I'm so excited for all the greatness Daddy has in store this year!
Yesterday was a day of Uni & fellowship with some sisters in Christ. I took out the braids and decided to wear my natural hair out (it's grown loads!). Currently my hair is in transition as I haven't relaxed it since October 2011. I still haven't made a firm decision if I'm actually going to officially go natural or just relax it one day soon. 
I'm seeing how it goes, but I would like to be able to just be completely natural. As He created me, with the texture hair He created me with, as I believe God didn't ma…