7 March 2012

Filipino Wedding

This year I have the privilege of attending more than 3 weddings. The weekend just gone, I went to a Filipino wedding with Adelady. The wedding was absolutely wonderful. Everything was well run and organised. Things happened on time and the food was amazing! I was so impressed by the service we received as guests and we were even more surprised to hear that everything, from the food, cake to the decorations were done by friends and family of the bride and groom! How amazing, to have people that are willing to really put themselves out there as well as really serve others in such a way. I was so blessed by the whole day. Congratulations to the lovely new MARRIED couple. I hope that they have a very fruitful marriage. 

This was my first time ever attending a Filipino wedding and so I really did not know what to expect, but one thing I learnt for sure is that they make sure their guests eat well! As soon as the church service was finished, snacks were served, then on arrival to the reception more snacks and finger food, so we really didn't have to wait long before getting our main meal. 

I loved the cultural aspects that came out of the celebration of the two individuals. Being that they are also in Christ it was great to have so much glory being given back to God and Him being acknowledge throughout the day. Really glad I went, it was a great way to spend my Saturday, especially as the celebration was happening literally down the road from me! 

Before I take you through the photos, just want to share with you what happened to me on Saturday. I was wearing a different outfit to what you are about to see, but as I was getting ready, it got stained and I literally noticed as I sat down in the car, getting ready to go. I was so not impressed but rather than complaining and getting upset I just spoke to Daddy as soon as and asked for some quick inspiration for what to change into.  I run back home and searched for something QUICK to wear and here is my outfit I put together in under 5 minutes. *phew*

I explained in my last post, the status with my hair... it's sort of in transition, so keeping up with that at the moment. So much to learn when it comes to maintaining natural hair, goodness...but I'm learning & applying! 

My OOTD & Others that caught my eye at the wedding.

Kinky Twists are back!
Hair by Mathy. I haven't had 'cornrow' in ages. I like this style; It's different to what I usually have. 

Sophisticated Chic with ALady

Grecian Elegance

I really liked this lady's gown & overall look, so I had to capture it. So modest and beautiful! 


What a lovely combo, this beautiful lady put together!

Had to do a mini photo shoot with her. Looking oh so nice!
The Beautiful Bride
I love the bright coloured shoes with the classic wedding dress. Compliments the theme & more.
This is the first time seeing this executed WELL! 
Lovely soft Bridal updo for the morning.
Pulled down for the evening! Both styles look great on her, the subtle hair change did actually make a different.

This cake was delicious and also so HUGE! 5 Cakes, 5 different flavours. The slice of cake we were given has to be the biggest 'slice' I have ever been given at such a function! It was HUGE.

Those who put their trust in the LORD, who pay NO attention to the proud or to those who follow lies, are truly happy!- Psalms 40:4

Not everyone may catch or support you on the vision/goals you may have but REFUSE discouragement!  Trust Jesus with all your heart; rely on Him & seek for His approval.

I love this quote: 'If you don't live by the praises of men you won't die from their criticism' - Bill Johnson

Your trust in God will be tested, so when you are faced with a challenge, do not loose out on believing Him. Take your challenge no matter how big or small, to Him & listen to the wisdom. 
I had to do just that on Saturday with the whole dress situation, may seem small, but it could have affected my whole day if I decided to focus on the mishap and not move on from it.. 

Crucial point to consider: You can only trust someone when you know them.....same way if you do not know [have an active & intimate relationship with] God, you will find it oh so difficult to trust Him. 
Get to know Him & learn to trust Him. 

NashAmber2012; His year through me!

PS: I watched a video today concerning 'Kony2012' .... Please click the link to Youtube; watch , share, tweet...raise awareness..there must be change!


  1. Meryl (",)20 March, 2012

    Thanks for this wonderful blog Nash ;)

    1. Awwww Meryl!!! You are most welcome. Your wedding was amazing!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! :D