2 March 2012

March on forward

Welcome to March readers. Wow, already we're in March, this year is moving along very nicely. I always find that when I plan things to do, dates seem to move quick. I guess it's because living on purpose and with a purpose for Him gives life real meaning & it causes me to actually achieve more. As a result I don't find myself just counting down the days aimlessly!
I'm so excited for all the greatness Daddy has in store this year!

Yesterday was a day of Uni & fellowship with some sisters in Christ. I took out the braids and decided to wear my natural hair out (it's grown loads!). Currently my hair is in transition as I haven't relaxed it since October 2011. I still haven't made a firm decision if I'm actually going to officially go natural or just relax it one day soon. 

I'm seeing how it goes, but I would like to be able to just be completely natural. As He created me, with the texture hair He created me with, as I believe God didn't make a mistake with the sort of hair He chose for me to have. I'm just so used to relaxed hair so this process I am NOT used to, but I do realise that IF I do decide to go ahead with it, I have to fully commit. 
I guess I should make up my mind, like soon!


The different shades of clothing continues; I didn't mean for it to be purple again. It just so happened to be. 

Hareem Pants: Next |  Headtie: Was a birthday gift from my uncle when I was 7. hehe 

Heels: Primark (£6!!!) BARGAIN
The Accessories

No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly ~ Psalm 84:11 #Truth