17 March 2012

Tweed Blazer

I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I have been busy, with work, Uni work and all that fun stuff. I really like Tweed blazers so I wanted to blog about it! I think they look great on guys or female. I personally like the ones that have the Victorian/Vintage look to them and I also like Granddad hats that are made in the same material. 

Lately I have been reflecting a lot on how far I have come in my life and just how messed up I really was before Christ. A huge part of walking with God is to do with our character’s being built to be like Him and us as individuals growing to be the great & perfect individuals He originally made. 

As I think back to some of the things I used to like, how I used to speak, the lack of direction I had in my life, the lack of fear of God I had and generally having to deal with identity issues, I’m amazed at just how much that is NOT the case today! God has done a lot of work with me and so far so GREAT! He is AMAZING! 

If we want to be whole and built up, we have to be willing to give God the liberty to work in and on us. We also have to cooperate with His leading, and timing. In His great love He never leaves us to just get on with life, being broken, ashamed, fearful, worrisome, insecure, negative, feeling abandoned etc. These things and some others I haven’t mentioned shape our lives and when we experience any of these it can shape our lives in a bad way. God wills to straighten out any crooked things in us and our lives and also wills to ensure we are restored back to the original image of who we are. His stretches out His hand to save us from the lies, a life without Him and ultimately death without Him. There is NOTHING like the loving arms of Jesus!! He really is MY strong tower.

The Tweed Blazer Embraced. 

One Polished Shoe.. It makes such a difference.
Nash Amber

Dorothy PekinTweed Blazer 

The individual behind this creative hair piece & the twists I just had, is my beautiful friend and cousin; Mathy. She has to be one of my oldest friends ...we have been rolling together since I was 4 and she was 5. As a result we have been through A LOT together ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’…some of the nonsense we used to get up to is just terrible. However we now celebrate the life in Christ that we both have. It is such a blessing having one of my closest from way back then, also being in Chris; I gained another sister.  

She is such a lovely individual and so gifted with her hands...she is a GREAT cook and also great with hair. She is such a dear friend to me and I’m looking forward to her wedding this year…which is just weeks away…It’s going to be FAB!

We both own a similar blazer and we didn't even know until recently. As always she rocked her outfit well. I love her so much & wanted to celebrate her & her #Style.

Curled Kinky Twist 
 Tweets that caught my eye this week from @PathwayYP <<Follow them now!.

"Focusing solely on what you can do, without first deciding what kind of person you should be, is a mistake. Your talent may make your name known, but your character will determine what people associate with it.What is character? It's the will to do what's right, even when it is not easy. It's deciding ahead of time what's truly non-negotiable. In the final analysis your reputation is how you're known before men but your character is how you're known before God."  #Integrity!


  1. I love the blazer, but I personally would not wear it with a dress and shirt. xoxo

  2. Thanks Sia. That's what I love about personal style; the differences being displayed.

    Have you got a similar blazer? If so, upload a photo or so of how you would wear it and send me a link.