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What is Modesty?

Over the last week or so we have received some lovely weather here in London. Summer is vast approaching and I for one am looking forward to it. Summer happens to be my favourite season followed by Spring. 
What I like about Spring is the fact I don't have to wear a coat or jacket, as the weather is nice enough for just a cardigan or something else light. Sometimes in the summer it can get so hot and stuffy so I like how the weather has been; Cool and Calm! 
Although every year I look forward to spring/summer, I don't look forward to seeing some of the things I do see, during this time…the lack of clothes on some ladies is not something I look forward to seeing around. I think it's possible to remain cool in summer without having to show thighs, backs, bellies, chests and all the rest on display for the whole world to see! Just because the sun is out, does NOT mean our body needs to be out too. 
I'm so big on modesty! It is important to God, so it is important to me!! Las…