2 April 2012

What is Modesty?

Over the last week or so we have received some lovely weather here in London. Summer is vast approaching and I for one am looking forward to it. Summer happens to be my favourite season followed by Spring. 

What I like about Spring is the fact I don't have to wear a coat or jacket, as the weather is nice enough for just a cardigan or something else light. Sometimes in the summer it can get so hot and stuffy so I like how the weather has been; Cool and Calm! 

Although every year I look forward to spring/summer, I don't look forward to seeing some of the things I do see, during this time…the lack of clothes on some ladies is not something I look forward to seeing around. I think it's possible to remain cool in summer without having to show thighs, backs, bellies, chests and all the rest on display for the whole world to see! Just because the sun is out, does NOT mean our body needs to be out too. 

I'm so big on modesty! It is important to God, so it is important to me!! Last week I was on London Christian Radio, discussing Modesty. I’m going to quickly break down modesty so that by the end of this post, we all have a better understanding of what it is, why it is important and how one can achieve it in such extreme conditions... 

What is Modesty?!? 

Modesty: The state or quality of being decent [reserved, discreet, meek, showing of good taste] in speech, dress, or behaviour. 

The very basic principle of clothing remains the same since Genesis when God clothed humans for the FIRST time. Adam and Eve were clothed with animal skin in order for their bodies to be covered, and throughout Scripture God emphasizes the importance of modesty. 

God, our Creator is more concerned with our inward beauty than the mere outward display and in 1 Timothy 2:9 He instructs us women to adorn ourselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly. This is because we as ladies were never created to entice guys and be distractions, but we are to reflect His beauty through our character. Our character and being is then represented in how we dress, amongst other things.

Who does it apply to?

Both male and female but primarily more focus is on the ladies, as men are more moved by what they see, so how we ladies present ourselves says a lot more to them, then it would to us. 

However, no matter your size or age, being discrete about the private areas to you is respectable to others and also does show that you value yourself enough to not want people looking at you indecently. 

What does it involve?

Being mindful and considerate of what you wear, how you wear it and having the right intentions. Now I don’t know about you, but I had to learn what it means to be considerate for others, especially the guys. I also had to learn and develop right intentions through the help of the Holy Spirit. God has taught me a lot on this subject and is still teaching me, which is why I have said before that as I develop as an individual my personal style reflects this too. 

Becoming and remaining modest involves these and other tips: 
    * Consulting God about what you are wearing
    * Asking questions about your outfit to Him & trusted advisor's
    * Having a willing heart to change your outfit if it is going down the enticing path
    * Doing minor checks in the mirror before buying items or leaving the house 
Checks can include bending down, sitting down, going up the stairs and seeing if your dress or skirt rides up and shows your underwear or if your trousers are so tight that every bump & curve is overly visible to others. 

When does it apply or should I apply it? 

When ever you are getting dressed and going out. Once you know an outfit is a-okay then you won’t necessarily need to do the same checks again, unless your weight changes, but generally you should want to be modest everywhere you go. 

Personal integrity is so important when it does come to this subject. If you wouldn't wear it before your leaders, teachers, to a business meeting etc, then you shouldn't be wearing it before God. He does see us at all times so if we are going to please Him with our lifestyle, it’s going to have to be all the time, not just when we feel like it. 

Where can I purchase goods to achieve this? 

Now this is a great question. Most high street stores do have a lot of short or revealing items out there, but there are many ways to then cover up the areas that do show indecent areas. For example, white shirts tend to be on the see through side, so I would just wear a vest underneath so that nothing is shown. 

Same way with some items you may have in your wardrobe, some may need to be gone, simply because they do not cut it, but others can be remixed to then act as a whole new outfit. 

Why is this important? 

It is important to God. He created us all to be whole beings that reflect His beauty and glory and dressing indecently does NOT reflect His beauty at all, at all!

It is very possible to be cool, stylish yet modest all at the same time. Here are two spring looks I was wearing last week. Both looks were built around this maxi skirt.


Leather Jacket: H&M | Top: Primark | Maxi Skirt: Next | Bag: Calvin Klein 
Kinky twist undone to give the afro look. I really liked this. I did this just before I took them out. 

Day out at the Radio station. This was the Kinky twist before I undid each braid. 

At London Christian Radio

If you are more concerned and passionate about fashion & keeping up with trends, than you are about righteousness [being in right standing with God] there is a problem! 

If this is you, please please please, make EVERY effort to speak to God, to repent and get your priorities straight because modesty is a heart issue, not just an external issue. 

“If our hearts are right with God—if we’re walking in purity and humility before Him—the inevitable result will be a modest external appearance.” ~ DeMoss