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ID: Who am I ?

Since walking with the Lord, He has really dealt with me in the area of Identity! He has taught me quite a bit on this subject, but I'm just going to share the most recent lesson He taught me.
I have come to understand that there is a difference between who you are and what you do. If you get into the mind set of believing that you are what you do, i.e that's where your identity lies...if you fail at what you do, you will also equate to believing that you are a failure, which is not the truth! 
There are many different things that I do and am involved in as a result of being myself and using the skills and gifts God has given me. Who I am does not change no matter the job I do .e.g. I'm a child of God, that happens to work as a Stylist. I could decide one day to not continue on the route of styling but I would still remain as a child of God, that's because styling is what I do, not who I am
Since understanding this simple truth I have been able to really live and walk …

My Sister's MARRIED!!!!!

In my last post I mentioned that my sister/best friend was going to get married....Well she did!!!! The wedding took place on Saturday just gone. It was absolutely beautiful!! The bride was looking on point, as well as the bridesmaid’s, the grooms-men, and of course the Groom! My goodness. sister is MARRIED! This is a lot of things. Praise God for their union. Congratulations once again IcanWin's- Love you family. We laughed, we danced, we smiled, we enjoyed, we ate, we celebrated and most of all we glorified God. It was such a pleasure to be apart of such a wedding. Even though the celebrations took place on Saturday, come Sunday my mind was still in party mode. I even tweeted about how I needed to get back to 'everyday living' mode again. I kept hearing songs in my head and wanting to dance. Lol. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me on Saturday, so was unable to record the day through my own lens, but I have managed to grab a few photos. 

The cele…

Update with Amber

Hey readers!! It’s been a while since I last posted. Sorry for those that have been waiting for new posts, I have just been so busy with various things and haven’t been able to make time to blog. I'm working on it, so thank you for your patience, messages and support. I appreciate it!
This year is filled with so much greatness! I have a few weddings to attend and the first one up is my bestfriend/sister's wedding, which is taking place this week!!!!!!!  It has been an absolute pleasure serving her and her husband to be, in their plans towards their wedding day. The bridal shower was so wonderful. It was filled with so much laughter, fun and great Godly advice. I learnt A LOT from that evening, a lot of things mate! I’m SUPER SUPER excited; I don’t even know how to really put it in words, but ahhhh, I’m so pleased for them both! Counting down the days!
Now to give you a brief update on what’s been going on with me…the last month and a bit I've been involved with planning e…