21 June 2012

ID: Who am I ?

Since walking with the Lord, He has really dealt with me in the area of Identity! He has taught me quite a bit on this subject, but I'm just going to share the most recent lesson He taught me.

I have come to understand that there is a difference between who you are and what you do. If you get into the mind set of believing that you are what you do, i.e that's where your identity lies...if you fail at what you do, you will also equate to believing that you are a failure, which is not the truth! 

There are many different things that I do and am involved in as a result of being myself and using the skills and gifts God has given me. Who I am does not change no matter the job I do .e.g. I'm a child of God, that happens to work as a Stylist. I could decide one day to not continue on the route of styling but I would still remain as a child of God, that's because styling is what I do, not who I am

Since understanding this simple truth I have been able to really live and walk in the peace and comfort that, no one can be me, better than me! There will be many different people in my field of work, but none can compare or ever come close to being me, as I am one of a kind, as we all are.

From learning this truth, I have also had to realise that comparison is a killer. God doesn't compare me to my neighbour so why should I? The only person I should ever compare and match myself to is God Himself and this is made known to me through His word. His word is Him and it is described as our mirror. This is not to say we shouldn't learn from other people, but simply to highlight that we should not hold them as our competition. We are all in our own personal race, so we should seek to do the best we can & remember all our abilities are different. Find your strengths and maximise on those. 

What you do, who you are associated with or what you may have does not equate to who you are. Who you believe you are is made publically known by your character and speech. Let the truth of God's word be what you build your life on. There is no point knowing every single designer and latest trend out there yet having NO IDEA what God thinks about you and what He has said about you. The purpose for your existence is far beyond the things our lives can sometimes be consumed with. 

To see if your priorities are in the right place ask yourself:
~Do you know anything about what God has said about who you are?~
~Do you believe it?~
~Is this piece of truth important to you?~


If you don't know what God has said about you and would like to know... please feel free to email me, and I will be more than happy to direct you to the truth about you!

Please note: I thoroughly enjoy styling myself and others, but not above caring for my soul. My priority is to ensure I'm walking a righteous walk with the Lord, with the help of His Holy Spirit and His grace (His empowerment). Knowing who I am, allows me to express myself through my style, whether I'm keeping up with trends or not... 

I am who the I AM says I am.

This was me the other day working on styling a male client, hence why I'm in the store snapping away. 
Beautiful Tweed Blazer | Primark (Yes, you read correctly)
French Connection £5 on Sale! Oh Yes. 
Shoes: Primark

The issue at hand with this, was to deal with where I identified myself, within my heart; In Him or in my roles. My Daddy sees me for who I am, not what I do. After carefully looking into and considering who it is He says I am, I now do that too. 

'For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..' Proverbs 23:7

Nash Amber

12 June 2012

My Sister's MARRIED!!!!!

 In my last post I mentioned that my sister/best friend was going to get married....Well she did!!!! The wedding took place on Saturday just gone.  It was absolutely beautiful!! The bride was looking on point, as well as the bridesmaid’s, the grooms-men, and of course the Groom! My goodness. Ahhhh....my sister is MARRIED! This is a lot of things. Praise God for their union. Congratulations once again IcanWin's- Love you family. We laughed, we danced, we smiled, we enjoyed, we ate, we celebrated and most of all we glorified God. It was such a pleasure to be apart of such a wedding. Even though the celebrations took place on Saturday, come Sunday my mind was still in party mode. I even tweeted about how I needed to get back to 'everyday living' mode again. I kept hearing songs in my head and wanting to dance. Lol. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me on Saturday, so was unable to record the day through my own lens, but I have managed to grab a few photos. 

The celebrations however, did not stop there, because yesterday was my Mum’s birthday. A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Mama! Love you! It was lovely to go out with my Mum and some of my siblings today. Normally my Mum just insists on staying in…however we also insisted and asked ever so nicely for her to come out with us, so she agreed. We all enjoyed ourselves and are grateful that the Lord has allowed her to see another year and that we was all able to celebrate with her. There’s nothing like family. A network of people that are specifically chosen, to help you develop into all that God almighty has created you to be. Whether you’re close to your family or not, God has a reason for why He chose those specific individuals to be connected to you. 

I had to accept this HARD truth a few years ago. I had some questions regarding my familia, that I really wanted answered and God did answer them. With Father’s day vast approaching I have been reviewing my relationship with my Dad and Mum too, and reflecting on so many aspects. The WriteWay team presented an excellent video this week, which really highlighted the importance & need for Fathers. Please have a watch and share. PLEASE watch it! Click here  Thank you :). 

Now concerning my hair, I have decided to work with my own hair a lot more from now on, therefore not adding any additions; unless the style I want requires extra 'body', but I'm working to get my own 'body' first. I mentioned in my last post how this may be a challenge and it all started on Friday when I went to get my hair done for the wedding. Myself and my friend P, were trying to figure out for ages, what to do with my hair, but I was SO determined to not add anything in it and we finally got there!

Thee Wedding

The Hair | Consisted of many pins, edge control and alcohol free gel. 
The Bridesmaid's in grey | Fine fine Ladies. 5/6 present. | Thank you Ayo O, for this excellent natural shot.
Me and my brother Mr Irich Bizzle at the Wedding reception. 


The day after the day before.  When I found this skirt, I was so excited and looking forward to wearing it. It has that Vintage edge to it, yet colourful; just the way I like it. The 1950’s era always seems to catch my eye.

Hair still looking fresh after carefully wrapping it to go sleep.

My Stylish Mum

This was me and my Mum a few months back at a Congolese wedding we went to (hence the change of hair). Obviously, I got my sense of style from somewhere and it’s from this Woman right here. 

Me and my Stylish Mother | Green happens to be our favourite colour.

Thanks for reading... Don't forget to check the video on 'The Fatherless' by WriteWay-Music.
I am pleased to say that I have a heavenly Father that cares for me. Regardless of my relationship with my earthly Father, I will always be His (God's)... and that's a comforting truth.
Not everyone can say the same, but there is hope....

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. ~ Jesus Christ

See you at my next post. 

4 June 2012

Update with Amber

Hey readers!! It’s been a while since I last posted. Sorry for those that have been waiting for new posts, I have just been so busy with various things and haven’t been able to make time to blog. I'm working on it, so thank you for your patience, messages and support. I appreciate it!

This year is filled with so much greatness! I have a few weddings to attend and the first one up is my bestfriend/sister's wedding, which is taking place this week!!!!!!!  It has been an absolute pleasure serving her and her husband to be, in their plans towards their wedding day. The bridal shower was so wonderful. It was filled with so much laughter, fun and great Godly advice. I learnt A LOT from that evening, a lot of things mate! I’m SUPER SUPER excited; I don’t even know how to really put it in words, but ahhhh, I’m so pleased for them both! Counting down the days!

Now to give you a brief update on what’s been going on with me…the last month and a bit I've been involved with planning events, fellowship with my irons and more. I have also been doing a few wardrobe styling projects, alongside some hair styling too.

Other than my love for Jesus/the Word, my family and styling I really do enjoy working with young people. Since the start of this year I have been involved in a discipleship course called The Walk, which is run by an organisation called Pathway whom I work for and in. I’m one of the mentors for the young people we have on board, and about two weeks ago we had the graduation ceremony for all the students that completed the course. It was AMAZING! God so met with us and met with hearts that day, I will not forgot that ceremony. I left that graduation even more inspired in sharing Jesus with others and also more encouraged in getting His word engraved in my heart. 

If you are a believer and have never been involved with the course I would so encourage you to get involved. I did all the levels on the course and today I’m a mentor to others. If you are not a believer and would like to come and see what it’s all about, COME!!!! Check here to see the video for more info.

I really believe it is important for young people to have support and Godly people around. Not everyone has that but with organisations such as Pathway it is possible to have that. To have an environment of Love, acceptance, truth, answers to life’s questions and people that know the way to God. I so needed this when I first came to Christ, but nevertheless I'm here today; discipled and still being discipled. It is so important to be taught and to learn. Seek for knowledge and understanding. Enquire, learn & GROW. 

Last month I went to watch a great movie by Writeway music...for the second time! I don't normally watch movies twice unless I REALLY like it and this one iLike! 

Lead me to the WriteWayyyy  [Here]

En route to Writeway- music Oneway movie! | Totally #Chic 
If you are someone who likes good music, especially Kingdom inspired music, get involved with Writeway. Click the link to their page and download the Oneway album for FREE! Yes, FREE!!! My favourite track has to be 'nothing can stop me'. Download and listen!
Totally like these #wedges. Sets the outfit off nicely.
One of the hair styles I recently styled. My lovely cousin; all her. No add ons or ins.  

Update on my Hair

I finally did it people... I relaxed my hair after 8 looong months. I didn't take many photos while having my hair out with all the regrowth but managed to find a few to show you, just how lovely it really was; thick and long too. Going to miss it, but now looking forward to doing things with my hair, now it's relaxed again!

I was recently tweeting about my hair, and the decision I made to not wear human hair weave again [may do synthetic one day, but we shall see]. I was watching a documentary on YouTube that Jamela did years ago, about the origin of weave. I had never watched it before and my sister showed me the programme. Even though I have worn weave many many times before, I had never actually focused on the fact it is/was human hair. I never wanted to think about it in depth because I didn't think I would like what I would hear,which was so true as I was cringing through the programme! Now that this has been brought to my attention, I'm not on it! 

The bible tells me that a woman's hair is her glory and I refuse to have someone else's glory on my head. Our hair can be traced back to us through our DNA and from watching that one documentary, I have seen and heard the truth on this one for myself and made the decision to kick it out. Please watch it if you haven't before..VERY interesting and enlightening! [Click here for the video link]. I'm now going to have to look after my own hair even more so, as I've been used to having weave in the past, so this is going to be a new experience for me on ideas & styles to do. I shall really aim to blog that process. 

My hair before being relaxed: Transitioning hair

At Pathway Graduation | Bridal Shower | Family Outing.

My hair after being relaxed: HealthyAfroHair

I'm so thankful and totally praising God for the growth He has given me in my hair! 
I prayed for my hair to grow healthy after cutting it into a bob back in 2009 and it has done! 
He is faithful. Do your part and acknowledge Him in ALL your ways!

There is one Youtube channel HealthyAfroHair by Julie Oli which has been most helpful to me. Check her out! Really encouraging to see her own growth also. If your going to be spending moneyyyy on hair, at least let it be your very own. You are worth it and what you put in you will get out. Be patient yet consistent and you shall see great results and that doesn't just apply to hair either. 

I've learnt so many valuable lessons, since the last time I posted, and so I know I have only touched on the surface of a few things in this one, so if you do have questions or wish for me to elaborate further on anything I have said, please do let me know. 

'A wise man learns from his mistakes, but a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others.' 

Thanks for reading. Have a great week and be prepared for the sun to shine again Londoners.