21 June 2012

ID: Who am I ?

Since walking with the Lord, He has really dealt with me in the area of Identity! He has taught me quite a bit on this subject, but I'm just going to share the most recent lesson He taught me.

I have come to understand that there is a difference between who you are and what you do. If you get into the mind set of believing that you are what you do, i.e that's where your identity lies...if you fail at what you do, you will also equate to believing that you are a failure, which is not the truth! 

There are many different things that I do and am involved in as a result of being myself and using the skills and gifts God has given me. Who I am does not change no matter the job I do .e.g. I'm a child of God, that happens to work as a Stylist. I could decide one day to not continue on the route of styling but I would still remain as a child of God, that's because styling is what I do, not who I am

Since understanding this simple truth I have been able to really live and walk in the peace and comfort that, no one can be me, better than me! There will be many different people in my field of work, but none can compare or ever come close to being me, as I am one of a kind, as we all are.

From learning this truth, I have also had to realise that comparison is a killer. God doesn't compare me to my neighbour so why should I? The only person I should ever compare and match myself to is God Himself and this is made known to me through His word. His word is Him and it is described as our mirror. This is not to say we shouldn't learn from other people, but simply to highlight that we should not hold them as our competition. We are all in our own personal race, so we should seek to do the best we can & remember all our abilities are different. Find your strengths and maximise on those. 

What you do, who you are associated with or what you may have does not equate to who you are. Who you believe you are is made publically known by your character and speech. Let the truth of God's word be what you build your life on. There is no point knowing every single designer and latest trend out there yet having NO IDEA what God thinks about you and what He has said about you. The purpose for your existence is far beyond the things our lives can sometimes be consumed with. 

To see if your priorities are in the right place ask yourself:
~Do you know anything about what God has said about who you are?~
~Do you believe it?~
~Is this piece of truth important to you?~


If you don't know what God has said about you and would like to know... please feel free to email me, and I will be more than happy to direct you to the truth about you!

Please note: I thoroughly enjoy styling myself and others, but not above caring for my soul. My priority is to ensure I'm walking a righteous walk with the Lord, with the help of His Holy Spirit and His grace (His empowerment). Knowing who I am, allows me to express myself through my style, whether I'm keeping up with trends or not... 

I am who the I AM says I am.

This was me the other day working on styling a male client, hence why I'm in the store snapping away. 
Beautiful Tweed Blazer | Primark (Yes, you read correctly)
French Connection £5 on Sale! Oh Yes. 
Shoes: Primark

The issue at hand with this, was to deal with where I identified myself, within my heart; In Him or in my roles. My Daddy sees me for who I am, not what I do. After carefully looking into and considering who it is He says I am, I now do that too. 

'For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..' Proverbs 23:7

Nash Amber

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