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Styling For You

I've been having requests from people asking me to style them, their bridesmaids, go shopping with them or generally asking me 'where do you find these things?'.... Lol! (that question always makes me laugh). I really enjoy helping others invest in themselves and before I go back to Uni I want to offer up my time & service to YOU. 
If I could help you all for free I would love to, but I also live on earth, where money is needed. So for my time I'm offering 75% less then the standard market fee of £60-70 per hour, but this is only for the month of September 2012 (30 days) and is open to both men and women.
Some of you are starting new jobs (Congratulations graduates!), some just want a fresh look, some still have weddings coming up and other celebrations...I'll help you to get a look that compliments you & truly reflects the beauty that you are. Now, how we can do this is up to you, depending on what you need. Either Wardrobe Assistance or a Personal Shopping …

Pathway leading to Life

How can one walk the way, if they do not know the way? How does one know the way, if they are not first shown the way? How can one be shown the way, if they do not first desire to walk the way?
I'm on the #Pathway leading to Life. The direction I'm heading is CHRIST! Simply put,if He's involved-I'm involved....because I know that He is the ONLY way to the Father and the only way for righteous living (living in right standing with God). 
I grew up having a knowledge that there was a God, but I didn't know Him on a personal level. I knew a few things about Him, because of what my Mum and others had told me. Things like, 'God loves me, God hates sin, God is powerful, lying is bad' etc... But none of it made sense to me on a personal level. I heard the information I was given, but I didn't see how it related to my day to day life or how I could possibly stop doing things that were wrong.  I didn't know how to read the bible or really even why I should, ho…


On Saturday I went to the Liberty2012 concert and it was GREAT!
I believe it defeats the purpose of coming together for Christ, if mentioning that Him being there isn't enough for hearts to attend and lift Him up. That's when it becomes about the talent of man,  rather than attendance for Christ. #CountMeOut
I have come to realise that God is not interested in the songs we sing as much as He is interested in the heart we have for Him and towards Him. God is a Spirit and those that worship Him must worship in Spirit and in truth. Our outward expression of our love for Him is great and we should use every part of our body, to lift Him on high but it's not just about that. People go to all sorts of concerts and lift up their hands and dance all over the place, with no mention of God at all, so I know worship is more than that! It's about the heart you have for Him and how much you love Him. 
This concert was great because Jesus was the focus of the night and not man. He …

The Beauty of Marriage

A few weeks ago two people that I hold dear to me, got married and I was so pleased to be able to witness their coming together. The groom has literally been a big brother to me, and the bride has been a big sister to me, so I was super joyful on this day. Congratulations Mr and Mrs J. Jacobs, I love you both and am so excited for your future! WooopWoop!!
Lately it seems that a lot of people are getting married and settling down, which I think is great! In comparison to the many outside-of-marriage pregnancies we have had in the last 10 years or so, it is right that people are getting married FIRST before having children...and deeper than that, before even sleeping with eachother etc! 
The world says the safest way to have sex is to wear some rubber, when really the safest way to have sex is IN marriage; when you are committed to ONE person and keep to the vows you exchange, thus then having the license to do so. 
What I really admired about the Jacobs, before they were the Jacobs, w…

Knowing Him

The Lord had me on one particular verse towards the end of last week and it is still very much in my heart and on my mind; Daniel 11:32. I decided to look beyond the surface level of this one scripture and this is what the Lord allowed me to understand...
Those that KNOW [firsthand knowledge by observation, reflection,experience, recognition] their God, SHALL [for certain] be strong AND do great exploits. Weakness/the giving in to sin and compromise is a result of how much YOU know Him... How much you observe Him, reflect upon Him, the experiences you have with Him and also how much you are able to recognise Him!
How does one get to know God?
The Lord let's us know in John that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was GOD. The answer to getting rid of that yoyo behaviour between choosing the world and Him, is you getting in the word. In Psalms He put it lke this....How can we cleanse our ways? Answer: by taking heed [regard,attention,interest]…