30 August 2012

Styling For You

I've been having requests from people asking me to style them, their bridesmaids, go shopping with them or generally asking me 'where do you find these things?'.... Lol! (that question always makes me laugh). I really enjoy helping others invest in themselves and before I go back to Uni I want to offer up my time & service to YOU. 

If I could help you all for free I would love to, but I also live on earth, where money is needed. So for my time I'm offering 75% less then the standard market fee of £60-70 per hour, but this is only for the month of September 2012 (30 days) and is open to both men and women.

Some of you are starting new jobs (Congratulations graduates!), some just want a fresh look, some still have weddings coming up and other celebrations...I'll help you to get a look that compliments you & truly reflects the beauty that you are. Now, how we can do this is up to you, depending on what you need. Either Wardrobe Assistance or a Personal Shopping experience or both. 

Wardrobe Assistance
This would involve me coming to your home, and looking through your current clothes to possibly revamp what you have to create some looks for you. I can let you know if there are any key pieces 'missing', if there are items that just need to go, how to dress modestly, what colours will complement your complexion and also give you advice & tips on your body shape and what suits you best.  

Personal Shopping Experience
After assisting you on your wardrobe or if you don't want to do that, and want to go shopping; we can go shopping! I can show & give you tips on how to piece things together from high street shops and still maintain modesty, as it is possible. I will talk through the colours and styles that suit your shape and complexion and also show you how to shop smarter. Shopping doesn't have to be expensive & I'll show you how to look GREAT, classy & elegant yet at a reasonable price.

So for my time I'm offering £20 for one hour or £35 for two hours. If you want to book me, to help you then please email me with the date in September, that you wish to do this and we shall arrange it. 
e: style@presentingnash.com Subject: Wardrobe Assistance &/or a Personal Shopping experience. 

Outfit I wore to a wedding a few weeks ago
He makes me smile.. I thank Him for every one of my features!
With this headpiece and the beautiful hair design, wearing earrings would have
over powered the look, so I decided not to wear any. Simple yet effective. 
Chiffon shirts & tops tend to be see through, so it's always wise to wear a vest top underneath, to avoid bra exposure.
Photos were taken at J&T's wedding which I attended a few weeks ago. Congratulations Shields! 
'If you look for flaws, you will find them.
If you look for beauty, you will see it.' - SKC 
This hair style was done by my talented hair dresser. The week before this
wedding I was maid of honour for my cousins wedding and
so this style was done for both occasions.

....So, let's get the STYLING!

Remember this offer of 75% less than standard market fee is ONLY for September, so if you want to book me for yourself, partner, friend/family, or for a photo shoot...

Simply email me at style@presentingnash.com 
Subject: Wardrobe Assistance &/or a Personal Shopping experience. 

I look forward to hearing from you!!

My mouth will speak in praise of the LORD. Let every creature praise His holy name for ever and ever.~ Psalm 145:21

27 August 2012

Pathway leading to Life

How can one walk the way, if they do not know the way? How does one know the way, if they are not first shown the way? How can one be shown the way, if they do not first desire to walk the way?

I'm on the #Pathway leading to Life. The direction I'm heading is CHRIST! Simply put, if He's involved-I'm involved....because I know that He is the ONLY way to the Father and the only way for righteous living (living in right standing with God). 

I grew up having a knowledge that there was a God, but I didn't know Him on a personal level. I knew a few things about Him, because of what my Mum and others had told me. Things like, 'God loves me, God hates sin, God is powerful, lying is bad' etc... But none of it made sense to me on a personal level. I heard the information I was given, but I didn't see how it related to my day to day life or how I could possibly stop doing things that were wrong.  I didn't know how to read the bible or really even why I should, how to pray, or if I was doing it right.  Honestly speaking I was not confident that if I died I would go to heaven and spend eternity with Him. I did try to convince myself that I was a 'good' person, so 'why would God not let me in,' but deep down I KNEW I was faaaar from Him and I didn't like it. 

After some time, I made a decision to get to know Him for myself and it's been the BEST decision of my life, as you will see and read through my other blog posts. He literally IS everything I need, I want and more. During the early days of me getting to know Christ, I signed up for a course which was called Youth Alpha at the time but now is known as Pathway. It was really tailored to young people and answered a lot of questions I had and so much more!

I stand and walk today, more in love with Jesus and loving His truth because I was and still am being discipled...I became a student to the teachings of Christ and He used Pathway to teach me,deal with me, correct me, love on me, and generally build me up to walk on my own as His very own child. No longer full of fear, intimidated, angry, broken and busted...but living FREE of all that stuff! I'm so grateful for the heart that Pathway has for young people and for Christ. 

From being apart of Pathway I developed a BIG desire for His word and an even BIGGER reliance on His word. I literally started to understand God's heart for humanity and also started to see how I, Nash Amber fit in His great big plan, and just how much He wants us all to be involved. 

Pathway runs a 12 week course called 'The Walk' which goes IN on different subjects. It happens to be starting up again in 5 weeks time, so if you're in London (or near by) and want to be empowered with the truth, GET INVOLVED. God said in His word, that His people perish [die - pass away] because of lack of knowledge...so you know what you need to do... Get empowered with the truth, so you too can live. 

The Walk course is FREE and is for people aged 13-24.  However if you're a leader/mentor etc you're also welcome to come along; just contact Pathway for more informationThe next cycle starts on Sunday 30th September 2012 | 3pm-5pm | @ WGMI 738, Barking Road, E13 9LB. 

My OOTD for the wedding I attended on Friday just gone. 

The way the Lord inspired me for this outfit is a lot of things. I love Him!!
3 in 1. 
Modesty First.
Heels & Clutch were gifts from my beautiful #Iron ALady || Clutch: made in Ghana 

I have done The Walk course, 3 times now and every time I learn something new, so I would really encourage you to get involved. 

No matter where you live in London (or near by)... remember 'love knows NO distance'...'if you really want something, you'll find a way, and if you don't, you'll find an excuse. ' ~ UnKnown.

Watch this video, which has been put together by the Pathway team from the previous The Walk Cycle:

Thank you Pathway!!!! .::Discover a better you::.

20 August 2012


On Saturday I went to the Liberty2012 concert and it was GREAT!

I believe it defeats the purpose of coming together for Christ, if mentioning that Him being there isn't enough for hearts to attend and lift Him up. That's when it becomes about the talent of man,  rather than attendance for Christ. #CountMeOut

I have come to realise that God is not interested in the songs we sing as much as He is interested in the heart we have for Him and towards Him. God is a Spirit and those that worship Him must worship in Spirit and in truth. Our outward expression of our love for Him is great and we should use every part of our body, to lift Him on high but it's not just about that. People go to all sorts of concerts and lift up their hands and dance all over the place, with no mention of God at all, so I know worship is more than that! It's about the heart you have for Him and how much you love Him. 

This concert was great because Jesus was the focus of the night and not man. He invited us to His presence and we attended. Thanks Divine Impact for putting on the concert. Grace and peace be multiplied to you! 

Liberty...that's what it's about. The bible says where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

Liberty defined:
1. Freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.
2.Freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.

I, Nash Amber am FREEEEEE and it's all because of Christ!!!!

Let everything that has breath and every breath of life praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah!) ~ Psalms 150:6

Photography by D.Jabangwe

15 August 2012

The Beauty of Marriage

A few weeks ago two people that I hold dear to me, got married and I was so pleased to be able to witness their coming together. The groom has literally been a big brother to me, and the bride has been a big sister to me, so I was super joyful on this day. Congratulations Mr and Mrs J. Jacobs, I love you both and am so excited for your future! WooopWoop!!

Lately it seems that a lot of people are getting married and settling down, which I think is great! In comparison to the many outside-of-marriage pregnancies we have had in the last 10 years or so, it is right that people are getting married FIRST before having children...and deeper than that, before even sleeping with eachother etc! 

The world says the safest way to have sex is to wear some rubber, when really the safest way to have sex is IN marriage; when you are committed to ONE person and keep to the vows you exchange, thus then having the license to do so. 

What I really admired about the Jacobs, before they were the Jacobs, was the amount of study they both did as individuals in order to make sure they knew what it was they were getting themselves into and the depth of what marriage means. 

In life we are taught to study for school, college, Uni and even to get a driving licence. Yet, we're not encouraged to study for marriage..makes no sense! Marriage is an even bigger commitment, which is for life. It takes time to learn what it means to be a man and a woman and to educate yourselves on what God designed marriage for , the role of a wife/husband etc etc. 

Please Please Please, if you desire to be married one day... DO NOT take the time you have for being single or the time you have in courtship for granted. Educate yourself, so you can be the BEST husband or wife for your future spouse.  Remember...GOD is NEVER late; Faith in God means Faith in HIS timing. 


On the day of the wedding I was one of the helpers along with some of my brothers and and we were asked to wear black and white. I came across these white wedges a few months back and purchased them in hope of wearing them soon, so when the opportunity came around, I was more then ready to wear them. Wedges are generally really comfortable and these are no different. Although the design is in the heel looks a bit complicated, it doesn't change how they feel on my feet.

This was one of the easiest looks I have put together. I didn't have to think about it much and it just simply worked. I don't like wearing things that are all tight and bodycone like...

1)It's so uncomfortable
2) Your restricted in your movements
3) Others knowing and seeing your shape just there... ergh..not nice!

I decided to team up these beauties with a black tea length skirt, made up of layered mesh and a chiffon shirt with cut off shoulders. I thought it was quite different when I came across it and together it all complemented the heels and overall look. 
I didn't want to get my hair done, as I had a wedding literally a week after this one and as I was maid of honour for that, I knew I would need to get my hair done and I didn't want to bother my hair too much. I put my hair in bendy rollers the night before the wedding and then pinned it up in the morning. As my hair is quiet thick, it has it's own body and bounce, which I really liked as it means, no added things in etc. 
Black and White photos <3 
To complete the look, I finished it off with these drapping earrings, oversized ring, 
caramel clutch & plain white blazer. 

This is my one of my close friends Adelaide...She is currently away on holiday and I MISS her!! #Modest

With God there are second chances, so if you have ever messed up, it's not the end. God does & can forgive you and loves you enough to empower you to be better in the future, but you need to make a decision to do things the right way. 

Relationships are great. Loving someone else and being loved & adored by another is GREAT!!
But be sure to be CONTENT WITH YOU, while you wait to be found (LADY), or while you plan to pursue (MAN). 

Your not in a race with no one so don't be comparing yourself with others. Rejoice with those who rejoice. Anyone you may know or see getting married, has had to go through a process which you may not know about, but when you see them make it to the alter to start their journey of marriage, be happy for them. Support and don't envy. Concentrate on your relationship with God before looking to be with someone else. 

'The Speed in which you run into a relationship, is the speed in which you will run out.'~ Dad Akinyemi

I think it's sad that some people don't see the value and beauty of marriage and rush into it, to then rush back out. Take your time to know Him, so you can know you and flourish!

With Great LOVE!

Nash Amber

6 August 2012

Knowing Him

The Lord had me on one particular verse towards the end of last week and it is still very much in my heart and on my mind; Daniel 11:32. I decided to look beyond the surface level of this one scripture and this is what the Lord allowed me to understand...

Those that KNOW [firsthand knowledge by observation, reflection,experience, recognition] their God, SHALL [for certain] be strong AND do great exploits. Weakness/the giving in to sin and compromise is a result of how much YOU know Him... How much you observe Him, reflect upon Him, the experiences you have with Him and also how much you are able to recognise Him!

How does one get to know God?

The Lord let's us know in John that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was GOD. The answer to getting rid of that yoyo behaviour between choosing the world and Him, is you getting in the word. In Psalms He put it lke this....How can we cleanse our ways? Answer: by taking heed [regard,attention,interest] to His word. 

You are as close to the Creator as you choose and want to be. We are all without excuse. Make every effort to know Him for yourself and be saved from this perverse [abnormal,corrupt,rebellious,rotten,stubborn, unyeilding,depraved, disobedient,wicked, unhealthy] generation. 

~Pretty in Pink~
Be[YOU] to[the] Full
Heels: Asos || Bag: Ted Baker || Hat: Asos