2 August 2012

His word over traditions

This year has been filled with so many celebrations; so many engagements and WEDDINGS!!!!!!!!!

Last week I attended another wedding...and members of my family, got married. It was a pleasure to witness their union....(photos from that wedding soon come..so watch out for that post ). 

In two days time, my best friend since the age of 5, is getting married! We've been close ever since we met and to say I'm excited and happy for her would be an understatement. I'm so pleased for her and Husband to be. Hopefully I get a chance to take some photos on the day so I can post them up.

Leading up to this lovely day, there have been a number of events that have taken place, especially because of the traditional Congolese aspects that happen in preparation for the marriage. Those that are from African decent may be aware of the whole giving of 'dowry' and things.  

Dowry in the Congolese culture is basically when the guys family present and give to the ladies family, all sorts of gifts to support their claims of wanting to marry the lady. These gifts range from money, to clothes, to animals, food, pots, drinks and more stuff. It's a big thing back home and for them it shows honour, respect and appreciation to the wife's family for raising her up. I used to be totally against it, as it sort of sounded like the woman was being sold off some how. Yet after doing some digging around and looking into the word to see where this fits in with His plans for us, I understand that it's actually a nice thing, when it's not abused with greed and disregard for God's word, yet done in love by the man and his family. 

The closest picture I saw was in the old testament, Genesis 24 when Rebekah was found for Isaac and then given jewellery and precious things were also given to her brother and Mother.

The bible tells me that the traditions of man nullifies and makes void/no effort the authority of God's word and that speaks to me on how people can hold on to traditions so much yet reject His word because it doesnt suit them and they are not willing to change. Before I accept something and take it on, I like to be sure that it is in line with His word, because if it is not in line with His word and way then, I don't need to be getting involved.
I'm willing to change what I have been taught and told, for the sake of knowing the truth and adopting His perfect way.
I really did not and still do not want to be a victim that gets decieved into believing all manner of stuff and also I don't want to offend God with holding onto things He hasn't put for me. 

So this was my outfit for one of the celebrations I attended a few weeks back for something related to this process towards marriage for my dear cousin.

All my own hair

Command to us: 
Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

Deuteronomy 6:5

Dress: FCUK || Heels: TKMaxx || Clutch: Jigsaw || Earrings: Primark || Ring: FCUK

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