6 August 2012

Knowing Him

The Lord had me on one particular verse towards the end of last week and it is still very much in my heart and on my mind; Daniel 11:32. I decided to look beyond the surface level of this one scripture and this is what the Lord allowed me to understand...

Those that KNOW [firsthand knowledge by observation, reflection,experience, recognition] their God, SHALL [for certain] be strong AND do great exploits. Weakness/the giving in to sin and compromise is a result of how much YOU know Him... How much you observe Him, reflect upon Him, the experiences you have with Him and also how much you are able to recognise Him!

How does one get to know God?

The Lord let's us know in John that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was GOD. The answer to getting rid of that yoyo behaviour between choosing the world and Him, is you getting in the word. In Psalms He put it lke this....How can we cleanse our ways? Answer: by taking heed [regard,attention,interest] to His word. 

You are as close to the Creator as you choose and want to be. We are all without excuse. Make every effort to know Him for yourself and be saved from this perverse [abnormal,corrupt,rebellious,rotten,stubborn, unyeilding,depraved, disobedient,wicked, unhealthy] generation. 

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