15 August 2012

The Beauty of Marriage

A few weeks ago two people that I hold dear to me, got married and I was so pleased to be able to witness their coming together. The groom has literally been a big brother to me, and the bride has been a big sister to me, so I was super joyful on this day. Congratulations Mr and Mrs J. Jacobs, I love you both and am so excited for your future! WooopWoop!!

Lately it seems that a lot of people are getting married and settling down, which I think is great! In comparison to the many outside-of-marriage pregnancies we have had in the last 10 years or so, it is right that people are getting married FIRST before having children...and deeper than that, before even sleeping with eachother etc! 

The world says the safest way to have sex is to wear some rubber, when really the safest way to have sex is IN marriage; when you are committed to ONE person and keep to the vows you exchange, thus then having the license to do so. 

What I really admired about the Jacobs, before they were the Jacobs, was the amount of study they both did as individuals in order to make sure they knew what it was they were getting themselves into and the depth of what marriage means. 

In life we are taught to study for school, college, Uni and even to get a driving licence. Yet, we're not encouraged to study for marriage..makes no sense! Marriage is an even bigger commitment, which is for life. It takes time to learn what it means to be a man and a woman and to educate yourselves on what God designed marriage for , the role of a wife/husband etc etc. 

Please Please Please, if you desire to be married one day... DO NOT take the time you have for being single or the time you have in courtship for granted. Educate yourself, so you can be the BEST husband or wife for your future spouse.  Remember...GOD is NEVER late; Faith in God means Faith in HIS timing. 


On the day of the wedding I was one of the helpers along with some of my brothers and and we were asked to wear black and white. I came across these white wedges a few months back and purchased them in hope of wearing them soon, so when the opportunity came around, I was more then ready to wear them. Wedges are generally really comfortable and these are no different. Although the design is in the heel looks a bit complicated, it doesn't change how they feel on my feet.

This was one of the easiest looks I have put together. I didn't have to think about it much and it just simply worked. I don't like wearing things that are all tight and bodycone like...

1)It's so uncomfortable
2) Your restricted in your movements
3) Others knowing and seeing your shape just there... ergh..not nice!

I decided to team up these beauties with a black tea length skirt, made up of layered mesh and a chiffon shirt with cut off shoulders. I thought it was quite different when I came across it and together it all complemented the heels and overall look. 
I didn't want to get my hair done, as I had a wedding literally a week after this one and as I was maid of honour for that, I knew I would need to get my hair done and I didn't want to bother my hair too much. I put my hair in bendy rollers the night before the wedding and then pinned it up in the morning. As my hair is quiet thick, it has it's own body and bounce, which I really liked as it means, no added things in etc. 
Black and White photos <3 
To complete the look, I finished it off with these drapping earrings, oversized ring, 
caramel clutch & plain white blazer. 

This is my one of my close friends Adelaide...She is currently away on holiday and I MISS her!! #Modest

With God there are second chances, so if you have ever messed up, it's not the end. God does & can forgive you and loves you enough to empower you to be better in the future, but you need to make a decision to do things the right way. 

Relationships are great. Loving someone else and being loved & adored by another is GREAT!!
But be sure to be CONTENT WITH YOU, while you wait to be found (LADY), or while you plan to pursue (MAN). 

Your not in a race with no one so don't be comparing yourself with others. Rejoice with those who rejoice. Anyone you may know or see getting married, has had to go through a process which you may not know about, but when you see them make it to the alter to start their journey of marriage, be happy for them. Support and don't envy. Concentrate on your relationship with God before looking to be with someone else. 

'The Speed in which you run into a relationship, is the speed in which you will run out.'~ Dad Akinyemi

I think it's sad that some people don't see the value and beauty of marriage and rush into it, to then rush back out. Take your time to know Him, so you can know you and flourish!

With Great LOVE!

Nash Amber

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