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23 Years Old - Timeline

Happy Birthday to me, happy birth date to my Dad and Mama!!

Today's post is totally dedicated to Jesus and His wonderful creation....ME!

Thank you Lord for the beautiful day you have giving me today.

23 years ago YOU delivered me into this world with so much love! You knew me and planned me way before then, but specially chose this day, 23 years ago to be when I arrive.

Thank you for my wonderful parents, who have done their best for me. I appreciate them a lot more today then ever before. Their hard working nature and them just being present in my life has been a lot of things! 

Wow!! It is an absolute pleasure, honour and generally overwhelming to be able to call you Father and know that I am Your daughter!!Thank you for pouring out YOUR love into my heart through Your Spirit! 

I love and adore You and I'm so IN love with You, more today than ever before....the more I get to know You, I grow deeper in love with You all over again! Perfection and HOLY- that's You Lord!! 

I lost…

Key tips for Uni

I'm back to Uni now! Woop, Woop! Last lap and then I graduate from my Marketing Degree.  The goal is getting closer and closer indeed! I have some really great modules this year so I'm really excited to get started and involved. 
I haven't blogged in a while due to being busy sorting myself out for Uni, Pathway, transitioning from a move and assisting my friend with her wedding plans, as she is getting married this December! I did share at the beginning of this year that I had a few weddings to attend... but I've still had people say to me, 'your always at weddings'...LOL! All I can say is, PRAISE GOD for the focused people in my life, that will to honour God in their relationships! I salute you all!
On another note, I have moved closer to my Uni and I'm living with a LOVELY family. Culturally we are from different backgrounds, but it has been great, getting to know them and also learning some of their dishes. By the time I leave this place, I will definit…