25 October 2012

23 Years Old - Timeline

Happy Birthday to me, happy birth date to my Dad and Mama!! 

Today's post is totally dedicated to Jesus and His wonderful creation....ME!  

Thank you Lord for the beautiful day you have giving me today. 

23 years ago YOU delivered me into this world with so much love! You knew me and planned me way before then, but specially chose this day, 23 years ago to be when I arrive. 

Thank you for my wonderful parents, who have done their best for me. I appreciate them a lot more today then ever before. Their hard working nature and them just being present in my life has been a lot of things! 

Wow!! It is an absolute pleasure, honour and generally overwhelming to be able to call you Father and know that I am Your daughter!!Thank you for pouring out YOUR love into my heart through Your Spirit! 

I love and adore You and I'm so IN love with You, more today than ever before....the more I get to know You, I grow deeper in love with You all over again! Perfection and HOLY- that's You Lord!! 

I lost my life and have chosen to take Your life and to pick up my cross and follow You forever more. Thank You that you have called me and that I heard! I have lost my life and all, so I may know You intimately Jesus. The song of my heart this day and forever more is fixated on YOU!
What can I do for YOU MY LORD?! Thank you Jesusssss!!!!

I'm so grateful for the truth You have bestowed to me! Thank you for replacing every single insecurity and lie I believed and now given me,You! Thank You for BEING my SURE foundation. 

I'm 23, WOW!

Here's a short timeline of where I have come from and where I am today....chapter 23!
Thank God for saving meeeeee from the road of destruction I was walking down!  I'm so o
verwhelmed by His love and going through my old folders has shown me just how much He really has worked on me! 

I am Surrendered [submitted] To Yahweh & Loving Him Eternally. My style/ mode/ fashion...the focus of my heart is Christ and my style is Him/His word perfected in my heart.
I am fashioned by Him and for Him. 

~ Short timeline of my life so far~ Enjoy :)

Me aged 2 or 3
Age 3
Missing some photos from my young years, so maybe next year I will post. ..

~ My YOUTH years ~

Back when I used to idolise people...the walls were COVERED..
So terrible! Age 15 
16th Birthday...Pink and Black hair.. I experimented so much!
Still idolising at this point as you can see. 
PROM- Aged 16
Age 16

 ~College Days~

Where I started my journey with Christ, and where I had NO idea that I had some serious heart issues! 

I have nothing to say really...lol...... age 16/17
RUTC days.... This picture was me doing what most people had on their Myspace page back then! Age 16

I had my hair braided most of the time back then.. age 17
Cultural day at OOZ. .. Age 17/18
I don't know why I thought this pouting business was acceptable!
SORRY National Rail Trains! 
This used to be what I 'went by'..like Nash wasn't unique enough...ha! Age 18

Age 18

'Why the lip pout?' That's what I wish I had asked myself back then, but I thank Him for change! Age 18
Had a photo shoot back then.. aged 18 
aged 18
~Some Uni Days~

Started out rocky, and was still transitioning from the world to Christ. Had SOO  much to learn yet lacked discipleship and was just a huge mess really, but I THANK GOD that today I am not where I used to be! Wooooop!!!
TOO much attitude. Oh goodness! I don't live life like this no longer.. Aged 19.
Needed a good old teaching on modesty back then..the heart was not correct.
First time EVER being a bridesmaid/Maid of honour, so has not been the last. Aged 19
age 19
age 19
'Surprise' 20th Birthday, still STRUGGLED to accept His love at this point., but I was learning. 

Aged 20
age 20
age 20
age 20
age 20
Age 20- I have a thing for Hats! 
Age 20- In Spain
Age 20 and enjoying the Snow!
Still learning what it truly meant to be ON the LORD'S SIDE.
It's more than just a jumper!
Age 21- in France
Age 21
Age 22 Styling and Loving it!
age 22
On set for a shoot, doing what I love, STYLING! Age 22
Smile... it suits you! :) 
I always look like my mother from a profile 
Surrendered To Yahweh, Loving Him Eternally #Style
Age 22
Age 22 and LOVING JESUS!
The story doesn't end there...but so far so good. Knowing that I am connected to my Maker, just allows me to have a peace like never before. The next pages are already written by Him, so step by step, by His perfect leading and me being obedient, I shall continue to live out every page just as HE has written it. 

Thank you all for the LOVE, messages and comments, I am reading them all and truly ministered to by your kind words.

It's never too late for you to start out on a journey with the Lord, it's not just for some people, it's for all. If you have started and gone astray, don't get stuck, seek Jesus, HE LOVES YOU!

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.
~ Luke 19:10~

O Lord, you have searched me and known me! 
~ Psalms 139:1 ~

The whole of Psalms 139 has been my meditation for over a month and it has transformed my thinking like never before. GET INVOLVED!

Don't wait for your birthday or any other day to love Him, love Him every day.

Nash Amber


  1. This was really cool to read your transition was great

    1. Hey Iista,

      Glad you enjoyed it, I really liked going through it and composing it.
      Reflecting and just really seeing it for myself too. Bless you Miss.