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10 Tips For Planning A Wedding

This year I have had the privilege to be involved with so many weddings, I am even shocked at how many it has been (6 Weddings this year), but I am so thankful for the beautiful marriages I have been able to witness.

Below are some photos from the wedding I styled on Saturday, I didn't have my camera with me for the whole day so please excuse the quality of some of the photos. 
As a result of being Chief Bridesmaid (once this year) and Maid of honour (twice this year) I have learnt SO much about marriage and wedding day preparations! The preparations required for the lifestyle and also the planning for the wedding day- which is the first day of your marriage in a sense.

The learning has not stopped but what I have learnt so far, I wanted to share with you lovely readers, as it may help someone out there, so hope you enjoy it. Comment and share also. Here are 10 tips I have put together for planning towards the Wedding day.... this is in no particular order, but just the order the…