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Living Set Apart for God

So my blog first started out because I was led to share my modest outfits. I remember saying to Father/God 'I don't think anyone would be interested in what I do, it's just normal, nothing exciting.' Much to my surprise God has shown me that what I considered 'normal' i.e covering up in my dressing, now in Christ is not the norm for many who are the church. Which is so sad. I am not at all suggesting that I am the standard for modesty-- I am merely a product of His word, transforming my soul and mind, so that my decisions become more godly. 
My heart towards my posts, videos, blogs, is to share what God has taught me on the subject of being His Bride, and adorning ourselves in modest manner. So that you do not make the mistakes I made, and so that you can know His love and standard towards us. I know what I know by His grace and I am still learning. Presenting a submissive heart to God is KEY, however we should also present His temple in a godly manner. We don…

Modest Dressing Essentials ~ Tips for Skirts

So we are back to the Modest Dressing Essentials - a series dedicated to tips and insight into where to shop for modest items and then how to style them up or modest-fy items you already have that need restyling.

The aim of these videos and blog posts is to help you ladies on a practical level to adapt to the changes going on within your heart towards His standard of holiness including in how you dress.  Modesty does begin in the heart, and only God has the ability to change the heart, yet we must surrender and die daily - denying the flesh of the desires it has, and picking up our cross to follow Jesus. These videos are put together with the heart to empower you to have a wardrobe that reflects your desire to be modest-- because, we can't dress modest with immodest wardrobe choices.

Here are some examples of skirts I have purchased on the high street or online for my modest wardrobe. It can be challenging to find at times but it is possible and I hope this post encourages you!


Modest Styling & more ♡

Heyyy!! I have been meaning to post on here but I have been on the move a lot and busy with styling matters. Hehe. 
I have been working on the modest styling for a while, (which some of you know about -- thank God & thank you to those that have been supportive! I appreciate you! ♡) God has been faithful!! 
Many don't know that I have also started an online boutique to complement the modest styling, & practically provide you with items for your wardrobe too. My desire is to one day be able to supply my sisters with modest & stylish clothing, by His Grace!! God is faithful & I am trusting in His timing and leading. The stretching I'm going through in this season is REAL - I will share at the appointed time. 
This isn't an official opening but an update and to share with you that 'A Set Apart Boutique' is here! thanks to God's constant encouragement!! Within this boutique there are 'Set Apart GEMS' (which I hashtag when me or others wear).…

Graduation [22.11.13]

I am so thankful to God for getting me through this degree! It is officially official I am a Marketing Graduate. Wow!! 
Many don't know but my degree took me 5 years due to going on placement and failing 3/8 modules in second year. I had to redo all 3 modules and split my final year into 2 years in order to not have an overload of work to do. I didn't graduate with my 08 class but He has worked it ALL out for my good!! It was a VERY VERY stretching time! No one likes failure and so I can testify of Gods amazing mercy and grace in completing this course & not living in disappointment. Be encouraged! God is STILL Good! He really kept and pruned me in that season!!!
Key lesson learnt in this one:
Just because you fail at something or a module does NOT make YOU a failure. God's word over you is truth regardless of the current reality.  

I got my hair done in Big Box Braids. I wanted the front to be full, but did not expect it to be this full As my hair is so thick, the box …