24 January 2013

A Respectable Lady

Hi Lovely Readers!!

This is my first post for this year, my goodness. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
I know it's super later than usual, however, this is my first time posting in 2013. I have had such a great start to this year so far, so many lessons I am already picking up and WOW! I am so excited for this year. I had to focus on Uni and an exam I had this month, so please do excuse my silence. I am back and so watch out for more posts to come!! Whooop!!! 

This post is going to show you how to colour block with one of my colours this season: BURGUNDY!!!
It is so in and such a lovely warm colour. I have actually grown to LOVE this colour. I like it on females and even on men, especially when pulled off effectively. (Post for that soon to come, Yay!) 

Below are a few outfits I have put together so far this year, that I have had a chance to capture...if I could capture all my outfits, on a daily basis I so would, yet it is challenging at times, to always have a photoshoot. hehe. 

My Tips for your wardrobe in 2013 so far!
~The 'why' and the 'how to'~ 

The colours present in this first outfit are: 
Navy, Burgundy / Rose pink, Gold, Black &White. 

A lot of colours right?! How is this all going to work? What about the 3 colour rule..??? (If you do not know what this is, let me know and I will do a post on it.) 

As you will see in this outfit, I actually have 5 colours going on at one time plus a printed scarf. In theory it sounds like a lot, however this is how it was pulled together...

.:: 5 Colours, 1 Outfit ::. 

.::The Dress Top ::.

This is a navy slub 'dress'...that is what the store had it listed as, but I have decided to wear it as a top instead. With the dip in this one item and the front being slightly shorter, it happens to show the thighs and doesn't look decent at all. (I know because I tried it on before adding the trousers). 

I believe it does not retain modesty when worn as a dress, especially when heels are added to the equation. The reason being is that, once heels are added to an outfit, your legs become elongated and it can make things appear shorter..so when sitting down, the front rises and unnecessary flesh is on show; that is not lady like!

The dress- top is knitted and at times knitted items have little holes that you can see through. Not always so majorly, however enough for someone to make out what colour bra you possibly have etc. For this reason I put a black vest top underneath to make sure that any under garment remains... under my garment!  

TIP: Don't write off straight away, every dress you may like or have in your wardrobe that happens to be short. SOME (not all) items can be made into a top to retain modesty yet still be stylish, like this here.

.:: The Bottoms ::.

The first thing I decided to work with were these bottoms. I teamed the dress top up with trousers, and not leggings as they tend to make an outfit look very casual and this would have taken away from the classic look I was going for. The reason leggings make outfits appear more casual, is because of the material. I purposely wanted to colour block this rose pink colour and the navy worked so well with it. 

Even if I had leggings in the same colour I would have not worn them, as the material was not right for THIS outfit. It did not complement the dress top at all, so it wasn't even an option.  

.::The Hair::.

I am such a kinky twist fan! I have shared before in this post (Click here). I enjoy the versatility as I am not one for keeping my hair the same for too long. I created an elegant up do, simply by plaiting and twisting the hair. It was so quick to do, and I just made it up as I went along. I play around with my braids a lot.

.::The Blazer::.

This white Blazer has a slight peplum look at the back and gives such a lovely feminine finish to an outfit, as it is fitted and complements most colour blocking looks. The white just brought out the colours even more so and I loved the fact it was shorter than the dress top. 

.::The Scarf::.

I like me some nice scarfs, as you will see over my blog...They are so great, as I always find multiple ways to wear them, so I fully utilize my creative mind with them. They really do help to bring together the accessories, especially as it was cold, a scarf was a must! 

.::The Accessories::.

So much was already going on in terms of colour with my outfit, so I wanted something that would bring a nice tone to the navy and the rosey pink. I chose these particular heels first and then found my other black and gold accessories to complement it all, including the classic and elegant up do. 

.::Outfit breakdown::.

Rose pink skinny jeans
Navy Dress with dip in hem
White Blazer
Black and gold accessories 
Earrings have a hint of the rose pink 
Printed scarf
Studded black heels

You can shop at high street stores in 2013 and STILL be modest yet stylish. 

.:: Simple Colour Blocking; 3 colour rule applied::.

You can not go wrong with a simple cream and black outfit. On this day I wore the 2 colours and finished off with some black and gold accessories.

.:: My Twists ::.

I am still enjoying my twists, as you can see. I have washed and conditioned it since I have had it, to keep it fresh and also to treat my hair while it is away.

.:: Why's Nash Amber so for Accessories? ::. 

Much like a painting or a beautiful photograph, which would deserve a lovely frame to hold it up and make it stand out even more...accessories do this for an outfit. Accessories are like the frame to your created outfit, as they set it off and make it POP! (",)

You can have a simple photo however a beautiful frame establishes the captured moment. Same way you can have a simple outfit but the right accessories will do much the same. 

.:: Need to knows about rings ::.

Rings are GREAT! They can be used to draw attention away from you, and bring them to your hands and nails. This automatically takes place with statement rings (like these), therefore it is imperative that your nails are looking presentable and neat. Maintenance of your finger nails are also important to styling as a whole, because cleanliness matters. 

We all have our off days, but we should at least try to make sure that most of the time, we are looking after these areas. Whether you are embracing your own nails or you have acrylics, try to keep them neat, it helps. 


.:: Burgundy in Casual wear ::.

I love this look! It is comfortable, casual and so very chic! (The 3 C's)
Chic defined; Attractive and fashionable; stylish. 

Although this outfit is casual, it is extremely versatile as I could simply change my footwear to heels and a whole different look will be achieved. Easy to transition from day to night.  

.::Outfit Details::. 
Plain dark grey top with a dip at the hem.
Burgundy skinny jeans
Fitted leather Jacket
Leather biker gloves
Leg warmers
High Air Force 1's
Printed Scarf, as used in first outfit. 

Out and about, personal styling and shopping with a lovely gentleman for his birthday.
I am SO  looking forward to the overall look coming together! Whoop!! #PardonMonStyle


IF respect is a standard you live by and/or you desire to receive it from others....particularly males...to have them respect you and treat you like a queen/princess/royalty/someone special etc.....YOU must set pace and take responsibility for how you present yourself. YOU must carry yourself, respond, THINK and behave as a lady. Revealing your flesh is not going to support your 'royal' status claims, it's not what defines a lady (AT ALL!) and just exposes insecurities. #NotPretty

What does your style say about you?
What type of people do you attract by the way you dress? 

If you want others to take you seriously/respect you, you must be serious. If you do not know how to be, that is okay, because we all have to learn at some point in our lives. It is challenging to respect and love yourself if most of your life you have been fed negative comments about your weight, skin complexion, hair, and anything else. It hurts, and the result of that hurt is not pretty. 

Yet, in life you will find some that overcome this negativity on a real level and have learnt before us how to BE a lady. That should not discourage or disqualify us from wanting the same. There is AMPLE space for ALL of us, in this entire world to be elegant, beautiful, confident and modest ladies, so there is NO need to hate on one who is further along then you currently are..one who looks great and carries themselves well. NO ONE has taken your space; it awaits for you to decide to get involved.  Please don't let pride keep you in a mess. Ask those you know, carry themselves like ladies, to teach you. That's how you will learn. 

You DO deserve to be respected Miss, so start by giving it to yourself first. #ModestyMatters 
That's it for now, but here is a preview of this LOVELY item which I will blog about soon and show you how to piece it together this season. 

.:: Waterfall Blazer from TopShop ::.

Have a great year all. 

Remember; 'Failure to plan, is planning to fail'. ~ UnKnown

You have to be purposeful about wanting to be a respectable, and decently dressed lady. It doesn't just happen. Your mindset determines how you view and value yourself, which then affects your decisions. Including how you dress. A renewed mind = renewed style.  

Do not let this year just pass you by without you actually setting S.M.A.R.T goals in this and other areas of your life. Decide to be a L.A.D.Y.

Loving God, others and yourself.
Accepting any flaws you may have & still being confident in who God created you to be.
Dressing modestly and
Yearning after Jesus more and more! 

Whoop! I'm a Lady and deciding to be daily! Whoooop!!

See you at my next post.

With GREAT love and Style