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Ghana Braids Are Back

One of my favourite hair styles of all time has to be Ghana braids. I had this style done while my hair was in transition to being natural and I wanted to keep it in a protective style.  I absolutely love this style - It's so Regal and Elegant.
This style can be done for a bridal look, perhaps for a traditional celebration as it has that type of 'African Queen' look to it, which would be suitable for the occasion. One of my friends did my braids for me and I asked her to add extra length to the ends of each braid, so that it reached almost waist length on me and then I created my own donut for the bun so that it was as big and secure as I wanted it to be. 

I created this outfit around this red top which I choose to restyle by wearing it upside down to give it a peplum look. On another occasion I used the same top to modest-fy a one shoulder dress  an idea for you ladies who do not think you have enough coverage on a one shoulder item and want it to be more modest but with…

Facebook: Styling With Nash Amber

Hey Hey,
Hope you are all doing well. I have been silent on my blog as I have been doing other things. As you know I am in final year on Uni, so that has been keeping me busy and on Saturday I am graduating from The Walk course with Pathway. Woooop!! I blogged about them before on my post...Pathway leading to Life. Have a read if you haven't read before. 
On another note, I have been personal styling and have re launched my Facebook Styling page with some of my work. The page is much more interactive, provides more regular tips and images, so if you are on Facebook, search for 'Styling With Nash Amber'.  (In fact..just click the link)
Get involved, comment and share. 
Quick Update with me: I have taken my twists out and am currently enjoying my own hair, which is in transition until I decide to relax it again. 
 To achieve this style, I watched a video YouTube by a lady that is completely natural, and thought, 'let me give it a try on my transitioning hair' and it…

Dressing Your Body Shape: Rectangle / Pencil

I wanted to do a post today on the importance of knowing your body shape and celebrating it through your OWN personal style.  This one is not short but it sure is sweet! 
.:: History on Me real quick ::.
Being slim is NOT all its made out to be, I can assure you! As with any other body type, there are sometimes issues when trying to find clothes to wear. Sometimes clothes just do not sit right on you and always appear baggy, just because you do not have enough to fill it out. This can really sadden you if you focus on the negative side of things. Once upon a time I really did not like being so slim, because of all the comments I would get and as a result I developed an unhealthy desire to want to be bigger than I was. 
I have been slim pretty much all my life :)...but it wasn't always smiles. Growing up it seemed that all my friends developed physically before I did, and it used to made me feel as though I was not growing because I didn't look like everyone else... I didn't e…