24 February 2013

Ghana Braids Are Back

One of my favourite hair styles of all time has to be Ghana braids. I had this style done while my hair was in transition to being natural and I wanted to keep it in a protective style.  I absolutely love this style - It's so Regal and Elegant.

This style can be done for a bridal look, perhaps for a traditional celebration as it has that type of 'African Queen' look to it, which would be suitable for the occasion. One of my friends did my braids for me and I asked her to add extra length to the ends of each braid, so that it reached almost waist length on me and then I created my own donut for the bun so that it was as big and secure as I wanted it to be. 

Ghana Braids Hair Style in a Updo. 
OOTD | Peplum <3 My Cute Bag from my Mama. 
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Statement necklaces are such a great investment.

This style could so be a bridal updo using Ghana braids.
Ghana Braid Hair Style

I created this outfit around this red top which I choose to restyle by wearing it upside down to give it a peplum look. On another occasion I used the same top to modest-fy a one shoulder dress  an idea for you ladies who do not think you have enough coverage on a one shoulder item and want it to be more modest but without having to put a blazer or bolero on. Video available below.

Thank you to everyone who has reposted this Ghana braids photograph and tagged me over the years, I have been so shocked at how many of you really liked this style and have wanted to do the same look. I used to believe that having hair like this may give me a really 'fresh' look but it is SO encouraging to see African hair being celebrated and liked by so many ladies. 

Continue to celebrate who God made you to be. He makes no mistakes and the features you have are SO perfect. True beauty has SO little to do with how we are outwardly presented but has everything to do with the condition of our hearts. We are honestly only as beautiful as our heart is. 
Let Jesus Christ love you, change you and teach you to live righteous. 

Look Beyond The Surface 

With love and Style, 
Nash Amber


  1. Your Hair looks lovely and congratulations on being a graduate
    I tried to do the same hairstyle and the hairdresser got it so wrong

    1. Thank you Iista. Sorry to hear about your hair. Would you try it again with a different hairdresser?

    2. Hi Nash amber I love this style did u do this your self and if so could u do mine lol please I go to people but they just don't do it right... Or if someone did yours could I get there number PLEASE

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Miss! :)

      If you are on FB Join my page, I wore the braids down today and uploaded a photo.

      Styling with Nash Amber on Facebook.

  3. Nice style - who did your hair?

    1. Thank you. A friend of mine did the braiding, and I styled the bun.

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    1. Thank you!! Glad you have been enjoying the blog posts. :)

  5. I am a guy though but it's necessary to comment. This hair alongside the dressing is fabulous. I indeed can't hide what I think and feel about this. It's indeed amazing. Please kindly keep up the great work you doing. You're appreciated and valued.

  6. Hello Sister
    I've been on line for days trying to find some were that I can get my hair done. And out of all the ones I've seen so far.
    I love your style.
    Please tell me your in Maryland.
    Or near by. If not can you recommend me to someone near me