9 February 2013

How To Overcome Challenges & Negativity?

Life on earth has lots of trials and challenges which we all face on a daily basis. Anything we go through, really does expose what is in our hearts. It shows us where we are in our belief systems and if the word is really in our hearts or just in our head. It will show if the heart is good and pleasing to God, i.e producing Love, patience, long suffering, self control, peace, forgiveness, selflessness and more. 

Sometimes as people, especially when we come in relationship with Jesus, we want everything to be easy with no challenges. We want an easy ride in life, not appreciating that without those challenges we cannot grow and move forward. James 1 deals with this so nicely. 

When we experience death, loose our jobs, fail exams, get in a disagreement with another person, get blessed with money or other things...cars, house, good health, get promoted, start courting, get engaged, get married, go through a break up and loads of other situations......it teaches us about ourselves and just how much we really believe God and how much truth is really in us. 

It is easy to say you trust God is your provider, when you have a job and a steady income, yet the next level of challenge is, when you no longer have that job and do not even know how you will be paying next months bills! That is when your faith gets tested even more so, to see 'do you really believe God to be your provider?' or did you make that job your 'provider' aka a god?... 

In any situation and at anytime, we all have a choice. To either, get and stay stressed, worried , fearful, angry and upset or to see the positive side to things, by reminding ourself of God's word....His peace, His comfort, His love, His support, His Fathering, His GRACE, His mercy and more! Whoop! 

God does not want us to be robotic and not express how we feel...if you are upset, stressed etc, He wants you to come to Him and tell Him, but He does not want you to remain in that state. He wants you to experience His awesomeness. 

Sounds easy in theory to just believe God in everything, but it is soooo hard when you have been heavily exposed to complainers, negative minded people and people that always want to play CNN and bring you dramatic news. It can be such a long process to get your mind renewed, but it is sooo possible!

There is so much grace in Jesus. He really does empower us to be able to have hearts that totally just trusts in Him and does not take on worry and entertain negative thinking. e.g...You may not have found a job yet, but that doesn't mean you will not get one in the next hour, tomorrow, or next month. Just because you do not get it in your time does not mean God is not working things out for you, that you have requested for. 

Philippians 4:6-7 tells us 'Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.'

I have highlighted the words that really stuck out to me in this one. Worry robs you of enjoying life as a whole and to be honest, 99.9% of the things you say 'what if this happens, or that happens'....NEVER HAPPEN! So guess what....you entertaining those thoughts is not going to help you pass that test you are going through. That thinking there will not help you to live stress free. 

Keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. - Proverbs 4:23

We hear this time and time again, but are we really applying it? Are we guarding our hearts? Are we filtering what we see, what we hear, what we read? 

If you are on a journey of being more and more as Christ is, you need to be ready for when He returns, which you do not know when that is, so you do not have time to be dilly dallying with lies, doubt, fear etc. 

You want to pass every test that comes your way, so that you reflect Jesus through and through and are that spotless bride He returns for!!!!! :D

4 BIG Steps to take towards overcoming a negative mindset: 


This could be your friends, family members, your twitter timeline, music, other social media areas and TV etc. Some people always have something negative to say or something dramatic going on in their lives,...as a result they begin to see life through those negative glasses and expect you to as well. They don't see that it is not possible to live drama free and in peace with Jesus, so they try to involve you in their drama....Please don't go there. They will influence you with their negative views over and over and over again and try to make you feel silly for even believing that things will be well, or that God will provide etc. Don't listen to that.

You are allowed to unfollow people from social media if you know they are not edifying your Spiritman and are actually doing the opposite. You have to love your soul enough to do what is best for it and not think about offending people. These are the people that unfortunately discourage you from believing God with talks like,'be realistic', 'I've never seen that happen before' etc... Please guard your heart from these talks and stay worded up. 

It doesn't matter how much of a strong person you think you are, the environment you are in will effect you one way or another... ever heard of passive smoking? It doesn't have to be you smoking, but by merely being around and close to one that is smoking, is enough to have you smelling just like them when you walk away.

Much like the people around us, if you are surrounded by complainers, they will not help your heart in learning to trust God...you will just turn into a complainer too. Maybe not on their scale, but with time and more practice, you will become just like that. Some of their doubtfulness will rub off on you, so be careful to guide your heart, by guarding your gateways (Ears and eyes).

Sometimes it's hard to distance yourself from negative people, especially when it's your parents, best friend, manager etc...in which case you cannot afford to not be in your word. You NEEEEED to spend time with God, it has to be a must in order to empower you to shut down any lies that comes to your way. Sometimes they do not know they are being negative. They think they are trying to help, but you need to keep applying the word to not become discouraged. 
It can be so tiring being around negative minded people, so pray for grace.  

2) Expose yourself to truth everyday.

Get worded up. Read the experiences of others in the word that went through something similar to you. See their responses, see what God asked for, see what God said and then live it out. 

Get around those that speak truth, those that are about the word and will encourage you to renew your mind in areas you are weak. The ones that will not accept hearing you complain, complain and complain, doubting God and trying to justify it as 'I am being realistic' or 'I'm just saying'...you're not 'just saying' on this one...they know it and will give you word. These are your irons in your life, that will put you straight and sharpen you to desire God more. Embrace them, they are good for you. 


Remain in constant conversation with God, let Him know what you are finding hard, if you trust Him or not, what your expectations are from Him, tell God what He said in His word...not because He has forgotten...that is impossible. Yet bring His word to Him, so He knows where your faith and confidence in Him is coming from. 

Ask for help in your weak areas, through your challenges and ask for His heart and mind on the matter. 


Once you present God with your case, do not start worrying again. Remember Phil 4:6 and be about it. 
Remember 'Faith in God means faith in His timing.' ~ Unknown. 


This has been one of the lessons I have been meditating over so far this year. 
It is really blessed me and so I hope it blesses you too.



Photos for this complete look will be up soon. 

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