23 March 2013

Hope For Justice Fundraiser

Hello lovely reader, 

Just wanted to let you all know about my evening yesterday from an event I was apart of. 

4 ladies and I came together to put on an event to raise awareness for Hope for Justice Charity, which exists to stop human trafficking in the UK. It is absolutely SHOCKING to hear the lives that are being broken through human trafficking which is pretty much like modern day slavery, happening right under our noses. 

Women sometimes can be so mean and rude to each other and not treat others how they would like to be treated and this is sad. It doesn't help our communities to grow in love, but brings contention and strive which no one likes. We wanted to take a stand against that and bring an awareness of womanhood and the greatness of women, which is sometimes taken for granted. We honoured and celebrated the design and strength of being a woman despite the abuse that some have faced. 

We can spend so much time looking at our differences and hating on the woman next to you because she dresses better than you, has a better job, better relationship, and works hard etc …All of which is wrong and not a healthy way to live. 

The event was not promoting any form of ‘girl power’ and ‘independent woman’ beliefs, but we came to embrace being a women the God way. Looking at how we can better ourselves and become whole. 

We had fun interactive games, health and fitness tips from Action SOSO- (Facebook her…This woman knows her stuff!!!!) . She really empowered us with easy things we can do at home to tone up and get fit. It was so much fun! We all received Mary Kay goodie bags, cupcakes (maybe not so healthy, lol)… covered self-esteem, confidence and fashion/styling tips from myself. [LOVED IT!] 

It was so great and the feedback was awesome. Hearing women acknowledge and learn that beauty goes beyond the surface and that there is more to styling than just what you see presented just warmed my heart so much. I had my signature BIG smile as I heard the ladies converse and share their learning after the event. 

One lady actually said to me that it was a nice change for her to have a fun evening with no alcohol being involved. She is used to being at a bar, club or somewhere with alcohol, so it was nice to have a cup of tea and homemade cupcakes (shout out to Cadia for that, they were so yummmmy!). 

We had a nice fun intimate evening with fruit kebabs and wonderful company. It was such a great evening, I’m still buzzing from it even today. Such a great cause to be raising money for. 

Please watch the video at the end which was also played on the evening to give you more information on what human trafficking is and how you can get involved to support…(different charity but same passion against human trafficking). 

If you would like to donate anything towards our event, even though you wasn’t there, please feel free too as we are still willing to collect as much as possible for the charity. 

I definitely want to be more involved with events like these, so I look forward to attending more sometime and who knows I may even get involved to plan another one, as this was so much FUN! 

I hope you have a lovely Saturday, not focusing on your short comings but celebrating what is good about you, even if it’s just one thing. That is one thing that someone out there is praying for. We have much to be thankful for and it is only right that we acknowledge and thank the ONE who gives us life to experience this all; Jesus. 

.:: Hair, OOTD and Photos from the event ::.
Please watch the YouTube Video breaking down the hair and look. 
I do not know how or when this happened, but RED has become a colour that I am drawn to. I am very shocked as I used to not like red at all, now look at me ey.

Hair glorious hair <3. VERY key to any attire. Bad hair can ruin any outfit. 
All I can do is THANK GOD for the growth and healthy hair.

My very own glory <3 

Please excuse the quality...not taken with my camera.

Doing exercise in a maxi skirt has it's challenges, but I still got involved. hehe 

Link to the Video for Human trafficking.
Please Watch

Video Blog by me


Event organised by Anna, Cadia, Jess, Nash & Michaela. <3

Some photography by A. (Thank you.)

With Love and Style,

19 March 2013

Transition Hair

Been super duper busy and so it's been a while since I blogged. How are you doing? Good, I hope.

New hair again....and this time with a Vblog... Whooop..

Showing my OOTD over the weekend and an experiment with my transitioning hair that went really well. It's very different and difficult having to style your hair with two textures, but I have managed so far to do 2 key looks I really like. Here is one of them. Whoop!

Hope you enjoy...please do subscribe and share.

Lately, God has been showing me how DEEEEEEEEEP His love is for me and humanity and I am so joyful and growing in His love daily. It is a beautiful and awesome thing, to know and have a relationship with your Maker. EXCITING and comforting. 

"When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, remember the teacher is always quiet during a test." - Unknown 


VBlog for you!!


With Love and Style,

.:: N A S H A M B E R ::.