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I am Sorry!

Hello my name is Nash Amber, I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ and I don't support compromise.
Jesus is my daily bread and I LOVE Him. 
Check out my Vlog that is up on YouTube...I've been meaning to upload it for a while...but my busyness did not permit, but today I have made time to put it up. This blog is entitled ' I am Sorry' because I really am. I am sorry if you have not been exposed to the AMAZING transformers that are known as God's children. 
I have found that a lot of people can become discouraged in following Christ, in an uncompromising way, being completely fully persuaded by Him because they think that it's not possible and that no one in this generation is applying the Word and actually living for Him. [ L I E S]
There are many bad reports of people going back to the very things God saved them from, and people not bearing good fruit and it's sad. But I am sorry if you have not been hearing about the amazing things God is doing in many live…