12 April 2013

I am Sorry!

Hello my name is Nash Amber, I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ and I don't support compromise.
Jesus is my daily bread and I LOVE Him. 

Check out my Vlog that is up on YouTube...I've been meaning to upload it for a while...but my busyness did not permit, but today I have made time to put it up. This blog is entitled ' I am Sorry' because I really am. I am sorry if you have not been exposed to the AMAZING transformers that are known as God's children. 

I have found that a lot of people can become discouraged in following Christ, in an uncompromising way, being completely fully persuaded by Him because they think that it's not possible and that no one in this generation is applying the Word and actually living for Him. [ L I E S]

There are many bad reports of people going back to the very things God saved them from, and people not bearing good fruit and it's sad. But I am sorry if you have not been hearing about the amazing things God is doing in many lives of people out there. 

Myself and many other people are prime examples of individuals that are being kept, changed, corrected, growing and desiring more of Him. This is not by our own strength at all!!! We could never ever make such BOLD statements on our own. But because GOD is ALIVE, and so REAL in our lives, we are seeing His word and will come to pass in our lives. It is A LOT of things. 

I choose to be very selective with the people I follow on my Instagram and Twitter because I want to guard my heart from the world and make sure that I am caring for my soul. I don't even follow some people that I grew up with and all that lovely stuff, that are just promoting the world and everything God hates. I can not follow that, because it contradicts what Jesus is teaching me. 

Following those that are living for their flesh is like chilling with smokers as a non smoker. Passive smoking will effect you one way or another. So you really do have to be aware of the environments you are in and if you do not have to be there, do not be there. Please note: You do not have to follow them or have them as a friend on social media. Guard your heart. Obviously we go to work, uni, and other places with all kinds of people, but this is another reason why you MUST spend time with God daily, in order to make sure you are strengthened to actually be a light where you are and not just blend in. Do not judge things by your own standards, but judge them according to the Word.
Ask yourself, do you match up to God's standard of what light and salt is?  

If you desire to be Holy as Christ is, you have to be purposeful about it. It does not take place by default when you accept Him as Lord and Saviour. Yes, you are saved from your sins when you are born again (John 3) but you do have to now walk out what you have committed to. Every day for the rest of your life. 

Just like in marriage....you say 'I do' on the wedding day and for the rest of your life you are meant to be living out the vowels you made on that day. You do not just say it on the wedding day and then go and live your separate lives. That would be silly. Same way you do not make a declaration to be for Christ and then not make changes in order to have this relationship with Him. 

.:: My hair and Hat. I really like Accessories ::. 
Green is my favourite colour, though so far this year Red has grown on me. 

My hair is to thick and lovely. :) 
Jesus gives me His Joy. <3 

Evening fellowship in the Word with some friends. 
Dark green Skinny Jeans and of course thumbs up. :) 
This book GOOOD! Get involved. Amazon it or something. 

Ladies if compromise is your daily bread, change diet quick. Jesus is the Bread you need. 
Want a model to follow?..Follow Christ.

If you are aspiring to be a Lady of holiness & class,you can learn a thing or two by the living testimonies that are @GenieBaybee @Zalika_M.

If you are aspiring to be a godly wife, truth talking, lover of God. If you desire to learn submission & meekness, follow @MrsICanWin

Younger ladies, are you looking for the Older woman to teach you just like Titus speaks of... Follow @JacquiRealtalk.

Looking to look F L Y yet modest. Want to have more than a cute look going on but also character and a SAVED soul >@theModelMeGirl

Aspiring to be a godly mother,growing in love with Christ daily & being in God's peace? @Shan_Boyc3 is a testimony of alla that and more!

The examples are here in our midst. God has transformed a lot of people into amazing individuals today.Those that love Him & are not in sin. Yes, there are people set free from the spirit of lust for guys, girls, smoking, and a whole lot of other stuff. When God set's you FREEE, you are free indeed, so even the very desire is GONE! 

Glory to God for keeping His children from falling and teaching them how to be and remain Holy as He is Holy. This is my testimony and many others too. 

Let's not complicate things please. You can be holy, pure, upright, perfect & in God's will. You can produce good fruit IN Christ. You just have to get in Christ and stay there. :D

By HIS Grace I stand Unashamed of Jesus Christ. I am a transformed soul and the work continues. 

With Love and Style,

N A S H A M B E R