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Vintage Inspired Look - Wedding Guest Look

Back in April I attended the wedding union of two lovely individuals. For the day, they requested for all the ushers to wear black and white, with red as the accent colour. This year, red has grown on me and so I put this look together with great enjoyment! 
There is no way I could be confident to pull off such a look if not for Christ. The natural hair...and the overall look definitely confirms to me I have come a long way from the 'TomBoy' days. Today Christ has transformed me into a Lady and I really thank Him! Growing up due to deep heart issues and insecurities with my weight, I opted to wear boys clothes from time to time and made sure everything was overly baggy, to not show how petite I really was. I grew up thinking I wasn't pretty like the other girls, so I had to be 'cool' enough to hang with the boys; Riding bikes, climbing tree houses and playing football...(I wasn't ever really good, but hey I did try. Salts). There is much to say on my journey f…

Hair, Beauty & Style.

Hey- Hey- Hey!
It's been a while since I last blogged, I've actually missed it, a little bit, but I had to focus on Uni and now that its done.... Styling continues. Whoop! I've been capturing some of my looks but not had a chance to upload, so I shall be working a little differently in my next few posts and simply sharing some photos over the weeks. 
My hair is still transitioning.  I was so close to relaxing after the LONG process I experienced during washing and conditioning. It is so time consuming and hard to deal with once wet, I actually had enough! But the Lord has reminded me why I first started to go natural in the first place and so I am going to stick to it until further notice.
One of the reasons I wanted to go natural, was to show my little sister who is 8 years old, that natural hair is also beautiful! She used to see me with relaxed hair and would tell me how much she wanted to relax her hair too. She seemed to believe that pretty girls were only the ones w…