22 May 2013

Vintage Inspired Look - Wedding Guest Look

Back in April I attended the wedding union of two lovely individuals. For the day, they requested for all the ushers to wear black and white, with red as the accent colour. This year, red has grown on me and so I put this look together with great enjoyment! 

There is no way I could be confident to pull off such a look if not for Christ. The natural hair...and the overall look definitely confirms to me I have come a long way from the 'TomBoy' days. Today Christ has transformed me into a Lady and I really thank Him!
Growing up due to deep heart issues and insecurities with my weight, I opted to wear boys clothes from time to time and made sure everything was overly baggy, to not show how petite I really was. I grew up thinking I wasn't pretty like the other girls, so I had to be 'cool' enough to hang with the boys; Riding bikes, climbing tree houses and playing football...(I wasn't ever really good, but hey I did try. Salts). There is much to say on my journey from that terrible time till today, but maybe another day... 

I used to believe a lie that, to look feminine I had to show your private assets. [YUK!!] Yet when my heart started being transformed by Christ and I desired to BE more feminine in my character and appearance, that all changed. I moved completely away from looking 'sexy/seductive' [I hate that word!] and embraced modesty from the inside out. Growing up I was mostly exposed to the wrong idea of being a 'woman' through the media and some friends at that time. I was taught that being female meant showing off flesh and that as a female you are supposed to be flirtatious, because it's all a bit of 'fun'. That is a LIE! yet I believed it once before. [Thank God for SALVATION & DELIVERANCE!]

I didn't know how it was possible to look feminine through dressing without showing a likkle something... especially as that was what most of the boys wanted to see. Yet I can boldly say it is possible..as the photo shows...to be beautiful and present yourself well without having to show the private you.

I learnt that, to be a lady, you do not have to wear heels, and big earrings. It is very possible to wear trainers yet remain stylish and feminine. When shopping, pick items that have feminine shapes, bright colours, patterns, and fit you well. This is to set you apart from the dudes around you, because you are not a dude Missy. It doesn't matter how many times you try to tell yourself you are not 'a girly girl', you are still not a dude! Being girly is not all pink, curls and heels. It is more about embracing your wholeness as a woman as a whole. Even down to how you walk when you are dressed in trainers or in heels. Do you walk like a dude or do you take every stride as a lady? It all adds up and so it does matter.

It is safe to say, that being a 'Tomboy' is not right for a female, as the cause for it is not rooted from a good place and contradicts the reason God designed you to be a female. Missy your name is not Tom and you are not a boy, so stop labeling yourself and speaking confusion over your life.

You're a female. Embrace it. Be about it. 

Let the guys be guys and the females be females. Guys and Girls are different, all by God's purpose, so let's keep to it. (",)

~ Outfit Of That Day ~
Vintage, Elegant and Chic...defiantly my kinda style!

^ Before and After the ceremony, with my favorite pair of trainers.

At the ceremony in my Black, White and Red. ¬

Healthy Transitioning Hair :)

T bar heels are my favorite style of heel. 

My inside was beautified long before the outside. He knew my substance though my frame was not yet formed. God works from the inside out! He has fashioned me and I love being Nash Amber! He made me beautiful IN His perfect time!

What is your declaration about His handy work which is you? What do you see when you look at yourself? Do you see His love and His heart towards you? If not, seek to understand it. If yes, keep growing in that, there is deeper depths of His love to experience.

Speak good of His creations, beginning with yourself. It is not pride, but it is a recognition that if not for God you would not be. Find out God's opinion on you and let that be your reality.

'He has made everything beautiful in its time. He also has planted eternity in men’s hearts and minds [a divinely implanted sense of a purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy], yet so that men cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.' - Ecclesiastes 3:11

Yes He did, and I am a testimony of that!
With Love and Style,


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