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Wearing White Modestly yet Stylish

Hello readers, here's another post for you, on a few looks I have put together for you this summer. Whatever you are doing, whether it be Weddings, Baby dedications, Bridal showers, holidays, birthdays, graduations etc etc will more than likely need some outfits... 
...So below are some white themed looks that aim to be stylish, modest and affordable. 
I really like white clothing and have put together a few looks of how you can be modest and decent in white. White clothing for me acts as a beautiful reminder of the purity we should have and aspire to have as women after God's own heart. 
It also reminds me of how careful/prudent we MUST be in order to remain pure/clean/stainless when how much more our hearts and minds. God wants us to be pure in all areas of our lives and not to stain our minds or beauty with lies and falsehood. His way is always the best way and because He loves us so much, He only wants the best for us! You are so loved and cherished. …

Vintage Look with Modern Pieces

Hello...for those of you that are wondering why I keep changing up my blog's because I can sometimes get bored of things really easily. I get bored of eating the same food for too long, I get bored of my hair if it is the same for too long, I get bored if I wear the same colours too much etc etc... I am sure you can get my drift now. With my blog; I have to stare at it a lot when writing and all, so I got bored of the same thing over and over, so I thought 'why not change it up again?'. I like this layout and I am enjoying it. I get a fresh feeling every time I come to my page. 
Speaking of fresh feeling... I am doing SO much better from last week when I was not well. I've had a challenging few weeks, with so much happening and feeling as though I just couldn't take all the pressure I was under. Yet God in His love for me, sent people to me, to remind me of the word, to pray with me and for me and to encourage me. Soon after the word was made alive to …

Dressing Your Body Shape: An Inverted Triangle

Here's another post for you lovelies, on dressing for your body shape if your body shape is an inverted triangle. An inverted triangle shape tends to reflect ladies that can be heavier on top, with broad shoulders, small waist line, with little or no hips/bum. Some ladies have an inverted body shape yet are overall more filled out whereas some can be really slim. 
We all come in different shapes and sizes, so it is important that you embrace your body shape and dress to suit your shape without envying other shapes. Your shape is beautiful and different on purpose, so I hope you see that through this post. 
When dressing for your shape you should be looking to balance yourself out so that you look in proportion overall. This can be simply created with different shapes in your clothes. With this type of shape I would suggest that you try to stay away from skinny jeans and bottoms that hug all the way through. Seek to invest in flowy bottoms, str…