14 June 2013

Dressing Your Body Shape: An Inverted Triangle

Here's another post for you lovelies, on dressing for your body shape if your body shape is an inverted triangle. An inverted triangle shape tends to reflect ladies that can be heavier on top, with broad shoulders, small waist line, with little or no hips/bum. Some ladies have an inverted body shape yet are overall more filled out whereas some can be really slim. 

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so it is important that you embrace your body shape and dress to suit your shape without envying other shapes. Your shape is beautiful and different on purpose, so I hope you see that through this post. 

When dressing for your shape you should be looking to balance yourself out so that you look in proportion overall. This can be simply created with different shapes in your clothes. With this type of shape I would suggest that you try to stay away from skinny jeans and bottoms that hug all the way through. Seek to invest in flowy bottoms, straight cut or boot cut trousers teamed with lovely tops and accessories. 

If you do have broad shoulders, aim to stay away from tops and blazers with shoulder pads and too much details around your arms, as this will only make you appear more broad and not give you a nice feminine finish on a general scale. 

~ Monochrome & Peplum Trend ~
Here is a beautiful lady I styled for a wedding, who happens to have an inverted triangle shape. She wasn't sure what to wear for the occasion and thought she needed to go shopping to find something. As much as I enjoy shopping, I enjoy creating looks with items already available and filling in what is needed. I put together this look for her, using stable pieces which she already had and here we have it. This look is easy to recreate as most of us already have..a white top of some sort and black bottoms, black heels and black clutch.

Monochrome is trending, but to be honest it has always been a classic base to use when styling, but I am pleased it is being embraced so much at the moment! I knew having peplum items would complement her figure so much, as the skirt and top creates a double layer of shape around her small waist, so it falls nicely.

The skirt on this coat is great for adding shape and giving an overall balanced look.

I hope this post helps you in seeing how stylish, elegant and modest you can be with an inverted body shape. It is so great to know that this look was put together using items she already had. It totally goes against the lie that for every occasion one must buy new clothes.

'Fashion is what you buy, STYLE is what you do with it'. 

With love and style, 
N A S H A M B E R