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All White Bridal Shower ♡

Hey hey, 
I'm sorry I haven't blogged further on summer tips on here. London summer seems to be coming to a close, however I have been doing regular uploads on my FB page, so do have a look. 
I recently guest blogged for Mode-sty on some summer tips, so feel free to have a read also.
Click here for the link to the post. 
On another note, I am off to Ghana tomorrow!!! I have been planning this for ages and now finally I am going!!! I am so excited to be able to go to that country as I have said before, during my Uni years, that I wanted to go there. I am so pleased God has helped me to keep my word on this goal I set myself. 
Now, the reason I am going is because my best friend is getting married to God's best choice for her!!! Their coming together and relationship has been such a testimony of God's grace, love and faithfulness.
I'm her Maid of Honor and have the privilege of serving her for their big day; their FIRST day of marriage. I get to witness their union a…

Modest Summer : Maxi's

Hello everyone, 
I'm sorry I haven't been posting this summer, I've been busy and haven't been able to blog but today I was determined to get someone down and out. 
I am so pleased that we have a summer in London! I have a few videos coming out of my summer lookbook so do look out for that. In the meantime here are some essential pieces I have chosen for this SS13; items to help you stay cool in this weather, without compromising the precious individual you are in Christ. 
Today I posted a question on my FB page, as I wanted us sisters to share with one another, any challenges or ways we are overcoming in this heat...My sister replied and posted wonderful and wise advice and I wanted to share with you all!
"I'm finding that less clothes does not help with staying cool in this weather. Rather it's about the colours and materials you wear. For example wearing white and light colours instead of black or other dark colours (as white reflects light/heat). And w…

Designed By Nash Amber

I hope you are well. A few weeks ago I finally wore the top which I made and I can't believe I haven't blogged about it yet. Oops! I forgot to as I had uploaded to my Facebook page and Insta but for those that didn't catch it, it is here. 
For those wanting to know, here is the story behind this garment I made....
First of all, I have to give God praise and glory because HE inspired and encouraged me so much, to complete this, as I was going to give up on many occasions. 
I have desired to sew since I was 13-14 years old. It was when we made ties back then that I really wanted to pick up on this skill. I was good at it from what my lovely teacher used to say and it was so encouraging to hear I was GOOD at something! I wasn't always told I was good at anything while growing up, other than dancing. Ha! Dancing is a great skill that not everyone has but most individuals with an African background can dance so it didn't really do it for me back then. That is not…

Cycling with Barclays ♥

❤❤ Hello Precious GEM's ❤❤
London finally has a summer; it has been so awesome! I am really enjoying the lovely weather and spending time with family and friends. Last weekend I had two wonderful BBQ's back to back, celebrating some special individual's. 
Yesterday, me and my lovely friend met up and went for a cycle using the Barclays bikes in London. I hadn't cycled in yeaaars before yesterday. It was so much fun and cheap also; £2 access fee and free for 30 mins. We tried to video our experience, so when I get a chance to upload, I shall. It was hard filming and riding but we just about did it. 
We went to do some market research for some fun things we are planning this summer, and honestly it was such a great experience, even though today my calves are FEELING it so much!! Haha! 
On my travels, I spotted SO many lovely summer looks from various people in the city. It was so refreshing and encouraging, to see the stylish & decently dressed women, enjoying the s…