30 July 2013

All White Bridal Shower ♡

Hey hey, 

I'm sorry I haven't blogged further on summer tips on here. London summer seems to be coming to a close, however I have been doing regular uploads on my FB page, so do have a look. 

I recently guest blogged for Mode-sty on some summer tips, so feel free to have a read also.
 Click here for the link to the post. 

On another note, I am off to Ghana tomorrow!!! I have been planning this for ages and now finally I am going!!! I am so excited to be able to go to that country as I have said before, during my Uni years, that I wanted to go there. I am so pleased God has helped me to keep my word on this goal I set myself. 

Now, the reason I am going is because my best friend is getting married to God's best choice for her!!! Their coming together and relationship has been such a testimony of God's grace, love and faithfulness.

I'm her Maid of Honor and have the privilege of serving her for their big day; their FIRST day of marriage. I get to witness their union and actually BE there, which has even been a testimony itself. God has been and is providing for me, and I am so grateful for it all!

I will be silent on my pages for the next 2 weeks and this is why. Please check out my new videos though, on You Tube. Search for 'Set Apart Style'.

In honor of the wonderful wedding ahead, here are some photos from the brides bridal shower, which we (her maids) organised for her. It was such a lovely day and I hope that you enjoy the photos as much I did. 

God was so IN on the planning of this day and we give Him so much thanks for it. Every step of the way, He would reveal things that was on the Brides heart, even before I would speak to the her. It was such an experience for me! I learnt much about God and His love for us, as He gave me specific insight into her desires towards this day, which made it possible to give her a shower to remember. He is so awesome! 

For example, when speaking to the Bride she shared that she wanted an all white theme for the guests...NOT knowing that it was already in the pipeline of the planning! Only with Christ do things like that take place. 

The bride wanted the all white theme as it exemplified purity in courtship, in marriage and purity as a life style for those in and of Christ. 

♡ The Bridal Shower ♡

I didn't manage to take any solo photos that day, as I was busy, however you will catch me in the photos below ...

Awaiting the arrival of the bride :D

The tears were present ...aww!

Modest Royal GEM's ♡
Her customized sash as the bride to be ♡ with her own personal monogram of her and her husband to be's initials.
Such a lovely and unique idea. 

One of my favorite photos ♡
Mrs Sadat to be! ♡
Oh yes, she sure is! ♡


These shoes! ♡♡

From the back x x 
We started with Him, Worshiped Him throughout and ended with Him | Jesus at the centre ♡ #NoCompromising #NoMixing #SetApartStyle 
Bridal Shower Fun, the Bride feeding back answers to a game we played.

I love her ♡

♡ Details on the Brides OOTD ♡

Theme - 1950's short wedding dress. The Bride had bought the fabric herself and took a picture mixed with her own sketch for the seamstress to create this look. 

The specifications of her handmade dress:

1. Duchess Satin
2. Corded French Bridal lace
3. Silk tulle
4. Satin Buttons 
5. Structured Bodice boned with 
6. Princess Skirt 
7. Pink and Red Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon heart scented Jelly shoes

I'm so looking forward to Ghana! The wedding is going to be great! I will aim to bring you back some of the lovely things I capture! In the meantime, check out things I have left you with while I am way. 

Facebook: 'Styling with Nash Amber' for it all 
Remain blessed in His Love, modestly and stylish. 

With Love & Style, 

Nash Amber

MOH to MISS A. A (Only days left and her name shall be changed forever!)  

Photography by : Content Photography

17 July 2013

Modest Summer : Maxi's

Hello everyone, 

I'm sorry I haven't been posting this summer, I've been busy and haven't been able to blog but today I was determined to get someone down and out. 

I am so pleased that we have a summer in London! I have a few videos coming out of my summer lookbook so do look out for that. In the meantime here are some essential pieces I have chosen for this SS13; items to help you stay cool in this weather, without compromising the precious individual you are in Christ. 

Today I posted a question on my FB page, as I wanted us sisters to share with one another, any challenges or ways we are overcoming in this heat...My sister replied and posted wonderful and wise advice and I wanted to share with you all!

"I'm finding that less clothes does not help with staying cool in this weather. Rather it's about the colours and materials you wear. For example wearing white and light colours instead of black or other dark colours (as white reflects light/heat). And wearing loose cotton and linens instead of thick or clingy materials such as Lycra, leggings, jeggings etc" ~ R. R. Ikhinmwin 

This is actually it! Summer dressing is all about being WISE with the items and colours you choose to wear rather than less clothes, so here are some WISE choices you could go for this summer. 

These are a few items that I believe to be handy for one to have in the wardrobe...Some type of flat sandals and heels for if you are going out, different colours and of course your bible. Without the word, all the outward adorning will be pointless and lack substance. Getting the word IN us, gets the world out of us and molds us to BE that holy bride for Jesus. In my next few posts I will be breaking down some of the items in this style board.
Maxi's are a great way to achieve stylish coverage in the summer. This is a very versatile item and can look so very elegant when worn by a Lady with a beautiful personality and character. When we have substance, we wear the dresses and we give the dresses character and style. 

If you are not one for bold colours you can keep it neutral also and still look really lovely. However if you are one who does like patterns; floral prints are IN. Not just in fashion, but in God's plan. Long before the world of fashion started making floral printed items, God had already created gardens of beauty using flowers. Floral will always be current, as long as we keep up with God, that is. 

Chiffon is a great material to wear in the heat, as it is light weight and looks so effortless. Just ensure that your skirt is not see through, as that will not display your worth Precious GEM.  

Light weight denim items can work in the summer also, however this look is better suited for the evening...you know, when the the sun is setting but it is still light even around 8pm. Those are the times I must prefer to come out and about. During the day if you are on the move, you could get hot and bothered, so if you do like this look, maybe wearing this for your evening out will be best. 

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Same question I put on Facebook goes out to you Lady... 
How are YOU finding it; dressing modestly in this lovely weather? 
Are you finding suitable items to wear?

I hope you are more inspired by these looks. Display your worth and be wise in the choices you make, not just with your clothes but with your very life. Guard your heart by filtering the things you see and hear. This summer lets be wise women, honoring God with our ALL.

Have a modest summer ladies...whoop! Sun!!

With Love and Style,
❤ Nash Amber ❤

Designed By Nash Amber


I hope you are well. A few weeks ago I finally wore the top which I made and I can't believe I haven't blogged about it yet. Oops! I forgot to as I had uploaded to my Facebook page and Insta but for those that didn't catch it, it is here. 

For those wanting to know, here is the story behind this garment I made....

First of all, I have to give God praise and glory because HE inspired and encouraged me so much, to complete this, as I was going to give up on many occasions. 

I have desired to sew since I was 13-14 years old. It was when we made ties back then that I really wanted to pick up on this skill. I was good at it from what my lovely teacher used to say and it was so encouraging to hear I was GOOD at something! I wasn't always told I was good at anything while growing up, other than dancing. Ha! Dancing is a great skill that not everyone has but most individuals with an African background can dance so it didn't really do it for me back then. That is not how I see it today, because I love dancing! I love praising The Lord using my body and moving it in a way that pleases HIM. 

Back to the point, sewing was on the list of things to learn and I started this dress in 2010. I didn't measure things well enough so it didn't fit me and so instead of wasting the material I just opted to revamp it and make it into something, so I started my journey on making my top. 

I started with much enthusiasm which wore off when time went by and I still didn't have my top completed. Long story short, 3 long years later, I picked it up again and here we have my first item designed and made by me. 

This is such a testimony! And to be able to wear it, is such an encouragement! If like me, you do like the skill of sewing and have been putting it off for whatever reason...STOP & START. Purchase a nice sewing machine; it doesn't have to be expensive but does need to be able to do the job. If it's not sewing for you, maybe its another skill or hobby you have been meaning to do for ages...set some goals and make a start. 

'You cannot develop in something you haven't started' ~ S. R. Ikhinmwin

With Love & Style, 
Nash Amber 

10 July 2013

Cycling with Barclays ♥

❤❤ Hello Precious GEM's ❤❤

London finally has a summer; it has been so awesome! I am really enjoying the lovely weather and spending time with family and friends. Last weekend I had two wonderful BBQ's back to back, celebrating some special individual's. 

Yesterday, me and my lovely friend met up and went for a cycle using the Barclays bikes in London. I hadn't cycled in yeaaars before yesterday. It was so much fun and cheap also; £2 access fee and free for 30 mins. We tried to video our experience, so when I get a chance to upload, I shall. It was hard filming and riding but we just about did it. 

We went to do some market research for some fun things we are planning this summer, and honestly it was such a great experience, even though today my calves are FEELING it so much!! Haha! 

On my travels, I spotted SO many lovely summer looks from various people in the city. It was so refreshing and encouraging, to see the stylish & decently dressed women, enjoying the sun. I didn't capture any of them on this occasion but maybe next time...'Stylish GEM Award' whoop! 

I hope you have enjoyed your day, whatever you were doing, as the sun shines on you, remember His grace available to you. He is faithful to see all He has spoken over you, come to pass. It's not too late for you to shine for Him and to develop your relationship. God's love for us is so wonderful and the sun shining down on us is another reminder of Him and His awesome light shining in our dark areas to restore, heal and transform us. 

❤ My Day Cycling 

On my way to meet the beautiful ShanShan ❤

Footwear for the day ❤
The lovely bikes, awaiting for us to use them. 
That happy moment went we got the tickets. Haha. 
I am not a huge fan of chocolate but this looked so lovely,
so I captured it, as we docked the bikes back.

Cycling fun with ShanShan❤

Close up of the jumpsuit ❤

It was so handy wearing a jumpsuit to cycle...easy to stay decent even while cycling. No discrepancies. Haha! 😁❤

Took a quick one while waiting for my travel jab ❤ 

I will definitely be using the bikes again, hopefully before I go on holiday! I'm so excited for my holiday!! Whooop! Packing begins soooooon. 

With Love and Style, 
❤ Nash Amber ❤