30 July 2013

All White Bridal Shower ♡

Hey hey, 

I'm sorry I haven't blogged further on summer tips on here. London summer seems to be coming to a close, however I have been doing regular uploads on my FB page, so do have a look. 

I recently guest blogged for Mode-sty on some summer tips, so feel free to have a read also.
 Click here for the link to the post. 

On another note, I am off to Ghana tomorrow!!! I have been planning this for ages and now finally I am going!!! I am so excited to be able to go to that country as I have said before, during my Uni years, that I wanted to go there. I am so pleased God has helped me to keep my word on this goal I set myself. 

Now, the reason I am going is because my best friend is getting married to God's best choice for her!!! Their coming together and relationship has been such a testimony of God's grace, love and faithfulness.

I'm her Maid of Honor and have the privilege of serving her for their big day; their FIRST day of marriage. I get to witness their union and actually BE there, which has even been a testimony itself. God has been and is providing for me, and I am so grateful for it all!

I will be silent on my pages for the next 2 weeks and this is why. Please check out my new videos though, on You Tube. Search for 'Set Apart Style'.

In honor of the wonderful wedding ahead, here are some photos from the brides bridal shower, which we (her maids) organised for her. It was such a lovely day and I hope that you enjoy the photos as much I did. 

God was so IN on the planning of this day and we give Him so much thanks for it. Every step of the way, He would reveal things that was on the Brides heart, even before I would speak to the her. It was such an experience for me! I learnt much about God and His love for us, as He gave me specific insight into her desires towards this day, which made it possible to give her a shower to remember. He is so awesome! 

For example, when speaking to the Bride she shared that she wanted an all white theme for the guests...NOT knowing that it was already in the pipeline of the planning! Only with Christ do things like that take place. 

The bride wanted the all white theme as it exemplified purity in courtship, in marriage and purity as a life style for those in and of Christ. 

♡ The Bridal Shower ♡

I didn't manage to take any solo photos that day, as I was busy, however you will catch me in the photos below ...

Awaiting the arrival of the bride :D

The tears were present ...aww!

Modest Royal GEM's ♡
Her customized sash as the bride to be ♡ with her own personal monogram of her and her husband to be's initials.
Such a lovely and unique idea. 

One of my favorite photos ♡
Mrs Sadat to be! ♡
Oh yes, she sure is! ♡


These shoes! ♡♡

From the back x x 
We started with Him, Worshiped Him throughout and ended with Him | Jesus at the centre ♡ #NoCompromising #NoMixing #SetApartStyle 
Bridal Shower Fun, the Bride feeding back answers to a game we played.

I love her ♡

♡ Details on the Brides OOTD ♡

Theme - 1950's short wedding dress. The Bride had bought the fabric herself and took a picture mixed with her own sketch for the seamstress to create this look. 

The specifications of her handmade dress:

1. Duchess Satin
2. Corded French Bridal lace
3. Silk tulle
4. Satin Buttons 
5. Structured Bodice boned with 
6. Princess Skirt 
7. Pink and Red Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon heart scented Jelly shoes

I'm so looking forward to Ghana! The wedding is going to be great! I will aim to bring you back some of the lovely things I capture! In the meantime, check out things I have left you with while I am way. 

Facebook: 'Styling with Nash Amber' for it all 
Remain blessed in His Love, modestly and stylish. 

With Love & Style, 

Nash Amber

MOH to MISS A. A (Only days left and her name shall be changed forever!)  

Photography by : Content Photography

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