17 July 2013

Designed By Nash Amber


I hope you are well. A few weeks ago I finally wore the top which I made and I can't believe I haven't blogged about it yet. Oops! I forgot to as I had uploaded to my Facebook page and Insta but for those that didn't catch it, it is here. 

For those wanting to know, here is the story behind this garment I made....

First of all, I have to give God praise and glory because HE inspired and encouraged me so much, to complete this, as I was going to give up on many occasions. 

I have desired to sew since I was 13-14 years old. It was when we made ties back then that I really wanted to pick up on this skill. I was good at it from what my lovely teacher used to say and it was so encouraging to hear I was GOOD at something! I wasn't always told I was good at anything while growing up, other than dancing. Ha! Dancing is a great skill that not everyone has but most individuals with an African background can dance so it didn't really do it for me back then. That is not how I see it today, because I love dancing! I love praising The Lord using my body and moving it in a way that pleases HIM. 

Back to the point, sewing was on the list of things to learn and I started this dress in 2010. I didn't measure things well enough so it didn't fit me and so instead of wasting the material I just opted to revamp it and make it into something, so I started my journey on making my top. 

I started with much enthusiasm which wore off when time went by and I still didn't have my top completed. Long story short, 3 long years later, I picked it up again and here we have my first item designed and made by me. 

This is such a testimony! And to be able to wear it, is such an encouragement! If like me, you do like the skill of sewing and have been putting it off for whatever reason...STOP & START. Purchase a nice sewing machine; it doesn't have to be expensive but does need to be able to do the job. If it's not sewing for you, maybe its another skill or hobby you have been meaning to do for ages...set some goals and make a start. 

'You cannot develop in something you haven't started' ~ S. R. Ikhinmwin

With Love & Style, 
Nash Amber 

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